Friday Morning Links on VTM | Clark and Hyder on Watch Lists; Ranking WR's and QB's

An aerial view of the Complexo do Alemao favela on June 29, 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. - Jasper Juinen

Kerry Hyder and La'Raven Clark are named to the Outland and the Narurski watch lists. The Big 12 as My Little Pony characters. Ranking the QB's and WR's in the Big 12. Kingsbury's #2 and #3 games.

1. Hyder and Clark Named to Outland and Nagurski Watch Lists | Congrats to LT Le'Raven Clark and DT Kerry Hyder for being named to the Outland (full list) and Nagurski (full list) watch lists.

2. If The Big 12 Were My Little Pony Characters | This buzzed all of the internets, as Frogs O' War compared the Big 12 to My Little Pony characters. SARR combats this with Texas Tech as an impala. No, not that kind of impala.

Viva The Matadors

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3. Ha! Ha! Ha! | SI's Stewart Mandel actually tries to "prove" that hurry-up offenses may put players at greater risk of injury. This is incredibly ridiculous to me. There's no evidence, just that it is conceptual. Conceptual. How about this, in order to completely get rid of potential injury, let's just scrap the entire sport.

4. ATTN: Rindworld - Frank the Tank, Part II | BON has their second part of their interview with realignmentpalooza guru Frank the Tank where they get into winners and losers in the realignment saga.

5. Ranking QB's and WR's | The Tulsa World ranks the receivers in the Big 12 and WR Eric Ward is second behind OSU's Josh Stewart, which I think is accurate. ESPN's Ubben ranks the quarterbacks as a position group and thinks that Texas Tech is 7th. Also from Ubben, he is continuing his season prediction and by week 6, he thinks Texas Tech squeaks by with a three point win against Kansas, but is 4-1 (1-1).

6. Kingsbury's #2 and #3 Games | From KAMC, head coach Kliff Kingsbury has his #2 and #3 games from his career. These really are fun to watch, take about 2 minutes each, but it's good times. Also, KAMC has a bit from Graham Harrell's passing academy that I guess was in Lubbock earlier this week.

7. Undersized Defense | Pretty interesting post from Football Study Hall about how Ole Miss and Hugh Freeze are embracing an undersized defense, including a 200 pound linebacker, a 230 pound end and a 260 pound nose guard. I wrote earlier this week about how small the linebackers were for Texas Tech the past two years. The point of my post wasn't necessarily that it can never be done, a smaller successful defense, but it's tough. Last year, I thought the defense, fundamentally, was better, but it was awfully vanilla. That may be the biggest difference with Ole Miss, which is that they are a stunting and blitzing machine and probably even better at fundamentals. Something I think that Texas Tech lacked prior to Kaufman's arrival.

8. Picking the Over/Under for the Big 12 | CBS Sports takes the over and/or under for all Big 12 teams and thinks that you should take the over with Texas Tech at 7.5.

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