Friday Morning Links on VTM | Sims Transfer Blocked; Masek Undrafted; Kaufman 3rd Team AA

A boat competes in the Rolex Big Boat Series sailing regatta hosted by the St. Francis Yacht Club on September 9, 2011 in San Francisco, California. San Francisco will host the America's Cup in 2013. - Ezra Shaw

Houston RB Charles Sims has been blocked from transferring to Texas Tech. Kim Kaufman Earns All-American honors. P Trey Masek went undrafted in day 1 of the MLB draft. Stoops and Gundy agree about transfer policy.

1. Sims Blocked From Texas Tech | The big news yesterday is that Houston RB Charles Sims has been blocked from transferring to any school in Texas, any school in the American Athletic Conference and any team on the 2013 schedule for Houston. The tough thing is that Houston permitted a defensive end to transfer to Texas in March of this year, so it makes it certainly appear that Houston coach Tony Levine is just being mean-spirited with Sims. Sims is now looking at West Virginia and California as possible destinations.

2. Masek Undrafted on Day 1 | Per the LAJ, P Trey Masek is Texas Tech's highest rated player in terms of the MLB Draft and he went undrafted yesterday. It seems likely that he'll be drafted sometime today.

3. Ray Allen on Being Clutch | Per CBS Sports, I really thought these words from Miami's Ray Allen were fantastic. I'll have to ask you to remove the fact that Allen is playing for the Heat right now, but I would love if every player on Texas Tech's teams were emailed these words or posted this in the locker room.

"Yeah, because you guys may talk about what has happened," Allen said. "The moments are always before us; the moments are what we always have in front of us. And once they're gone, there's nothing you can do anymore. I don't live with regrets, so as I look at these moments in front of me, I say, ‘What can I do with this moment that I have in front of me?' and try to make that moment better every time.

"So I'm always going to be prepared. I'm always going to be ready to take the shot. Whether it goes in or not, I'm going to give myself the best chance, opportunity for it to go in because I'm going to be ready. That's all I can ask for, and that's all I've done my whole career."

The moments are always before us. That's great.

4. Stoops and Gundy Agree About Transfer Philosophy | Barking Carnival has a story stream on Oklahoma St.'s transfer hypocrisy, which is that Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops very much agrees with Oklahoma St. Mike Gundy in that players really shouldn't be able to transfer even though coaches can leave at a moments notice. The easy way for these two coaches is for them not to accept any transfers, like OU did last year when Stoops accepted the transfer of Arizona Wildcat defensive back Cortez Johnson and former Fresno State wide receiver Jalen Saunders last year and Oklahoma St. accepting the transfer of Kansas cornerback Tyler Patmon. Either that or let kids leave and just keep it to the Big 12 and future opponents.

5. Kaufman All-Amerian | Congrats to women's golfer Kim Kaufman for being named third team All-American and first team Academic All-American!

6. Schneider's Hire is Official | The official site has made it officially official with Candace Whitaker's hire of Brett Schneider.

7. Princeton vs. Yale 1903 | Football Study Hall with video from 1903 and Princeton vs. Yale. It is funny how much the game resembled rugby in some respects. And in a complete 180, the recent trend of basketball on grass.

8. NCAA Championships | The official site has the latest on the Lady Raiders' day yesterday at the NCAA Championships in Eugene, Oregon.

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