Thursday Morning Links on VTM | Weldon Finishes 3rd; Whitaker Makes Hire; Simmons to USC

Fort Benning, GA, USA; Team 7 First lt. Oleg Sheynfeld provides security for Cpt. Ian Kent with the 10th Mountain Division during the Ranger first responder course on day two of the 30th U.S. Army Best Ranger Competition at Fort Benning. - USA TODAY Sports

The MLB Draft is set for today through Saturday , but it won't be Gutierrez and Poteete who were named Freshmen AA. Candace Whitaker hires an assistant. Delvon Simmons is set to transfer to USC.

1. #longreads Racism in Soccer | ESPN Wright Thompson has a terrific look at the racist world of hooligans in Italy and soccer.

2. New Campus Photos | Totally Texas Tech with new campus photos. Great work, as always!

3. Hall and Briles | SBN's Spencer Hall interviews Art Briles. There are many things that frustrated me about Tuberville, but not being able to beat Baylor for two years in a row is at the top of my list.

4. Baseball Freshmen All-Americans | Congrats to 1B Eric Gutierrez and DH Jarrard Poteete for named to the Louisville Slugger Freshmen All-American Team!

5. Playing UT on the LHN in Non-Conference | According to SBN's Stephen Godfrey, it's pretty much worthless.

6. Whitaker Hires Schneider | Per 104.3 The Morning Drive, via the LAJ, women's head basketball coach has hired Brett Schneider, who was an assistant at Memphis the last four year and previously worked with Whitaker at UMKC. Welcome!

7. Weldon Finishes Third in Shot Put | A hearty congratulations to Kole Weldon who has finished third in the NCAA Championships in shot put. And he's only a sophomore. Congrats! The LAJ has a breakdown of what else is set to happen today at the NCAA Championships.

8. Major League Baseball First Year Player Draft, June 6-8 | I can almost guarantee that the Texas Tech draft page will be efficient and updated quicker than you'll be able to blink, where hopeful high school signees and current players hope to have their name called in the MLB Draft. The LAJ has details on how P Trey Masek and signee Cooper P Ryan Moseley are some of the top draft prospects.

9. Simmons to Transfer to USC | I have a bit more on DT Delvon Simmons and DT Kerry Hyder later this morning. This wasn't planned, just coincidental. The news from yesterday is that Simmons will transfer to USC. The more I keep reading about how big of a deal this is, the more I keep thinking that I never really saw it on the field. Maybe Simmons just didn't get a chance shine like he wanted. Not sure, but his hype never was really close to expectations.

10. Flannigan Chooses Kentucky | I usually don't do stories when a player chooses a college. I also won't do a story about how Texas Tech "won" a recruiting battle over a particular university. The only person that wins on these deals is a kid that might be getting a scholarship that otherwise wouldn't if it wasn't for a fun game. Anyway, former Texas Tech signee LB Ryan Flannigan chose Kentucky. He is said to have a close relationship with former RB coach Chad Scott and he's maintained that, so good for Flannigan.

11. Hays, Cavazos and Norris on TX Sports Hall of Fame Ballot | The LAJ has that The Texas Sports Hall of Fame has former Texas Tech baseball head coach Larry Hays, former Texas Tech running back Bobby Cavazos (who also wrote a book about working the King Ranch) and former boxing world champion Terry Norris are a part of the 2014 ballot.

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