Tempering expectations or 2006 VS. 2013

Kliff is King and we are super excited. In recent years, we have been accustomed to Tubervillonian preseason expectations of conference championships (followed by backpedaling) that start on course and end broke down toward the latter part of the season. This off-season there has been very little coach-speak and coach created “hype” but simply a nose to ground, straight shooting approach by Kliff and the gang. We are left to create our own expectations and for a lot of us, we want to believe that a Cotton Bowl is very probable but is that really plausible?

2006 VS. 2013… Why 2006 you ask? Well, that was back before we “played football” and there was a certain pirate still calling the shots who spoke little and acted swiftly. We have a guy like that now at the helm. Also, there was a certain star quarterback who was starting as a sophomore; a young man named Graham Harrell. There are many different factors involved but I think, essentially, in 2013 we have two major factors in common with 2006: a coach who says #ATMO, and a star sophomore rookie QB at the helm.

What happened in 2006? We went 8-5 (7-5 & 4-4 B12) including the crazy bowl win against Minn. (lost to UT, OU, TCU, Col, & Mizz)

How Does 2013 look to shape up against the 8-5 (4-4 B12) season of 2006?

I would say we are right on target for 2006 numbers and this is probably where expectations should be. In other words, the sky is not falling unless we go 6-7 or 5-7. I would guess that we don’t lose a non-con game like we did to TCU in 2006 but could possibly go 3-6 in the B12. Iowa State, Kansas & Baylor are no longer W’s before kickoff like they were in 2006, well maybe KU still is.

Shouldn’t we expect more from Kliff “Heisman Maker” #ATMO Kingsbury than 7-6?

The answer is, possibly. The answer lies in exactly how that 7-6 plays out. Don't give up for a blowout loss, keep a never say never attitude, bring your A-game when you play the” big boys” & in-state rivals, no draw plays on 3rd and long, and lastly, keep #ATMO! If we do those things and fight hard, we can hold our heads up high with 6 losses. If we get blown out repeatedly, give up on ourselves multiple times, call draw plays on 3rd and 12, and refuse to throw it deep but stay with a continuous stream of sideline screens… well then 7-6 is unacceptable.

#Ridetogether #ATMO #Kliffisking #Wenolongerplayfootballagain #Murderedout

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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