Is the SEC the best conference?

I think it is clear that the SEC has dominated college football recently. My questions is this, Does that make it the best conference all around?

Is the SEC the best all around conference? They seem to have a very weak bottom half of the conference, but the best schools in the SEC seems to be the best schools in college football. Is this a dominance because the SEC is better, or because the top is so much better than the bottom. If we look at the numbers SEC has won more games. In the last 10 years against the big 12 the SEC is 23-15. This is a large difference, but 6 of those loses are form the now SEC team and former big 12 team Texas A&M, so if we get rid of those games it is 17-15 which seems pretty even just a slight favor to the SEC.

Both of these conferences had the same number of teams go to bowls games this year 9. This makes up 90% of the Big 12 and 64% of the SEC. In the big 12 we have seen any team be able to beat any other.

Last year. Kansas St. was about to go to the National Championship, but they are blocked by a Baylor defeat and so late in the year it makes it nearly impossible for them to go.

the year before OK st. is heading to the Championship, but loses to Iowa St. Texas Tech beats OU in norman and doesn't even go to a bowl game.

Can the SEC make a claim that any team could win any given Saturday? sure Alabama can lose to LSU and A Manzeil led Texas A&M, but could they lose to Kentucky, Tennsee, Missouri, or Vanderbilt? I can't see this happening. The top 6 teams went for 30-0 against its bottom eight.Iin the conference Alabama has only lost to A&M, LSU, Auburn, South carolina, and Florida, 3 of those teams ended up going to the National Champion ship in the last 5 years. 3 also ended up having a Heisman winner on the team.

If I am giving my opinion I believe it is clear that the media favors the SEC. They do this for a few reasons. 1 it is the biggest market so if there is an article over the SEC or ACC the SEC article gets more clicks and more revenue. It is also clear that it is the most dominant. I also believe that the Big 12 is deeper than the SEC. facts are facts and the bottom tier of the SEC cannot beat the top, but the big 12 can. I also believe it is less about a conference being better than it is about Alabama being better than every other team unless there is a Heisman winner on it.

There has also been a lack of other conferences getting the chance to compete against the SEC. the last 2 years no other conference got a shot. This is mostly due to the broken BCS system that is now finally getting a playoff system.

Do you believe the SEC is the best conference?

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