Red Raider Gridiron | Texas Tech's Midland Scrimmage Open Thread

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Texas Tech travels to Midland for a scrimmage and this is your open thread.

I'm not going to be available for most of the weekend, but we all know the Midland scrimmage deserves it's very own open thread and post. Well, we've been able to piece together a good chunk of the current dept chart, all due to the fine work at the folks at the LAJ, and I'm not writing that sarcastically. We've got the offensive line, the receivers and the defensive line. We could probably guess as to the secondary, in particular the cornerback positions. I've got some safeties cobbled together.

As to the depth charts below, the quarterbacks and running backs are also a bit of a guess. I'm thinking that they are all pretty muh getting equal carries and/or snaps and then you'll see the starters get more carries and/or snaps as the summer practices begin. I've still thrown together a two-deep based on nothing more than the scholarship players that are available. Don't put any stock into the quarterback and running back depth charts.

So, for those of you lucky enough to watch the game in the wonderful city of Midland and you are also lucky enough to be coherent to comment while watching or remember what happened, here are your overall questions for the day:

  1. Who impressed you most on offense and defense?
  2. General observations about the offense and defense?
  3. Schematically, what were you most impressed with and disappointed with the offense and defense?

Quarterbacks: Michael Brewer, So.; Clayton Nicholas, Fr.; Davis Webb, Fr.

Running Backs: Kenny Williams, Jr.; Sadale Foster, Sr.; DeAndre Washington, So.; Quinton White, Fr.

Left Tackle: Le’Raven Clark, So.; Matt Wilson, So.
Left Guard: Beau Carpenter, Jr.; Wayne Foster, So.
Center: Jared Kaster, So.; Tony Morales, So.
Right Guard: James Polk, Jr.; Kyle Clark, Sr.
Right Tackle: Rashad Fortenberry, Sr.; Trey Keenan, Fr.

Split End: Eric Ward, Sr.; Dominique Wheeler, Fr.; Derreck Edwards, So.
Inside Receiver (H): Jakeem Grant, So.; Jordan Davis, Jr.; Brent Mitcham, Jr.
Inside Receiver (Y): Jace Amaro, Jr.; Peyton Williams, Fr.; Aaron Fisher, Sr.
Flanker: Bradley Marquez, Jr.; Reginald Davis, Fr.; Brandon DeFrance, Sr.

Defensive Tackle (Boundary): Kerry Hyder, Sr.; Jackson Richards, Jr.
Nose Tackle: Dennell Wesley, Sr.; Anthony Smith, Fr.
Defensive End (Field): Dartwan Bush, Sr.; Delvon Simmons, Jr.
Bandit Outside Linebacker (Boundary): Branden Jackson, So./Pete Robertson, So.; Chase Robison, Fr.
Inside Linebacker (Boundary): Will Smith, Sr.; Sam Eguavoen, Jr.
Middle Linebacker (Field): Blake Dees, Jr.; Zach Winbush, Jr.; Micah Awe, So.
Raider Outside Linebacker (Field): Terrance Bullitt, Sr.; Chris Payne, Jr.; Kris Williams, Fr.

Strong Safety: J.J. Gaines, So., Keenan Ward, Fr.
Free Safety: Tre Porter, Sr.; Shawn Corker, Jr.

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