Kansas St. Wildcats vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders | Game and TV Info; Odds; Morning Links

Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Spo

Texas Tech looks to rebound for a two game losing streak and hosts the Kansas St. Wildcats.

Game Information

4-3, 2-3
Good Guys | Texas Tech Red Raiders
Bad Guys | Kansas St. Wildcats

7-2, 4-2

Date | November 9, 2013
Time | 11:00 am CST
Location | Jones AT&T Stadium | Lubbock, Texas
Weather | Sunny, High 68, Low 39
Television | ABC
Television Call | Dave Flemming (Play-by-Play), David Diaz Infante (Analyst), Lewis Johnson (Sideline)
Radio | Affiliates
Odds | Via OddsShark | Opening Line: 4 | Current Line: 2.5

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Play By The Rules | Just to remind everyone, you gotta play by the rules on VTM.  You all can help police things by flagging comments that you think are inappropriate (i.e. name calling, racist, homophobic, or misogynistic comments or any comments with political or religious overtones).  Every comment has a "flag" icon next to the "reply" link and you can flag a comment that you think is over the line and I can take a look at it.  I am totally fine with heated discussion because I know you all are passionate and you care.  If you feel yourself about to step over a line, walk away.  Just walk away and leave that comment alone for a while.  The hardest lesson I have learned and continually remind myself is that you don't have to have the last word. Please do NOT go through the game day threads and do this, I'll take care of those.  GDT's are full of knee jerkiness and over-reaction more than your typical post. I may take care of this privately or publicly, I suppose it depends on my mood.

I'm Still Excited | Also, I'm still feeling really good about this team because I can and this is America.  I'm still going to believe. I said this past week in the conversation with SARR that I thought Texas Tech was playing with house money since December. Vegas had Texas Tech at the over/under of 7.5 wins and that was before we knew Texas Tech would have to play two freshman quarterbacks.  I'm ecstatic about the future of this program and team.  I said at the beginning of the season that this was an 8 win team and I'll stand by that, especially given the circumstances. I'll stand by that because that still seems about right.  You have no idea how much more fun it is to write and be excited about the long-term of this team.  I was watching the beginning of the Iowa St. @ Kansas St. game and despite that team being .500 before that game, that stadium was sold out and the fans were going crazy.  I'm that fan, but I'm wearing red and black and I'm still excited and ecstatic. I can't go to the games, but I'm as happy as a fan that I've ever been.

The Line | One last editorial note.  The line moved pretty quickly. Texas Tech is favored by 4 at home and I guess the money starts to pour in and Vegas moves it to 2.5 or so. Money and betting money is fascinating. I have never bet on a game in my life, but I find it fascinating.


Good look at the new uniforms.

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