Coach Profile | Defensive Line John Scott, Jr.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Texas Tech has reportedly hired defensive line coach John Scott, Jr., who has only coached at smaller schools, but his defensive lines have produced quite well at these lower levels.

Coach: John Scott, Jr.
Position: Defensive Line
Alma Mater: Western Carolina
Coaching Experience:
2001: West Davidson High School (Lexington, N.C.), Defensive Line
2002-2003: Graduate Assistant Louisiana Lafayette, Defensive Line
2005: Norfolk State, Defensive Line
2006-2007: Western Carolina, Defensive Ends and Outside Linebackers
2008: Western Carolina, Defensive Line
2009: Missouri State, Outside Linebackers
2010-2012: Georgia Southern, Defensive Line & Special Teams Coordinator

There are some gaps that I cannot account for (I am really unsure about the 2009 season, but I think this is right) and I wish that I could. Scott played arena ball for a couple of years after graduation and was actually the defensive player of the year for his arena team. I should also add that Scott graduated from Western Carolina graduated in 2000, so he started playing immediately and coached the high school in between playing. Good for him.

Scott then did the grunt work, doing GA work at ULaLa and I lose track of where Scott was for 2004 before arriving for his first full-time coaching at Norfolk St. Most of his bios state that Norfolk State only allowed 158 yards a game and then Scott caught on with his alma mater, Western Carolina. The good thing for Texas Tech may be that he coached both defensive ends and outside linebackers. Depending on the scheme that Texas Tech runs, this could be very beneficial to go along with Mike Smith.

So Scott has been in charge of the defensive line for Georgia Southern for three years. In 2009, before Scott’s arrival at Georgia Southern, Georgia Southern was 57th in the country in rushing defense, 140 yards/game and 61st in sacks with 1.82 sack/game. I don’t know if he really improved the defense, but he certainly didn’t let it drop off by any means. It was actually pretty consistent and by 2012, it was really good. This is the link to the 2012 Georgia Southern team and you can look at all of the years.

Year Rush YPG (Rank) Sacks/G (Rank)
2009 140.27 (57) 1.82 (61)
2010 127.00 (28) 1.67 (72)
2011 149.79 (58) 1.79 (80)
2012 135.07 (36) 2.29 (35)

If you needed any convincing, then I think this is it. These are simplistic statistics, but you still get the idea. I didn't go into any great detail, strength of opponent or anything like that. Still, the defense was pretty good. The ranking is out of 120 teams, just for comparison purposes.

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