Red Raider Gridiron | Wednesday's Press Conference Roundup

Jul 23, 2012; Dallas, TX, USA; Texas Tech Red Raiders quarterback Seth Doege speaks to reporters during Big 12 Media Day at the Westin Galleria. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Jairaj-US PRESSWIRE

WEEKLY PRESSER | I posted the link yesterday afternoon for the transcript, but here is the transcript again (PDF). I sorta knew what the comments would be before they would be made. I understand why some people don't like what head coach Tommy Tuberville says, but I also understand that this is the plight of a head coach. Because I live in Dallas, I know what Jason Garrett says, or doesn't say on a daily basis. Everything is a process and his press conferences are generally uneventful because he doesn't say anything of value. This is one of those times where you have to learn that head coaches are always going to disappoint you in some form or fashion with what they say or don't say.

LAJ's Don Williams, 1340 The Fan's Rob Brennan and the DT's Mike DuPont, II all summarize yesterday's presser where Tuberville, QB Seth Doege and S D.J. Johnson spoke.

I'll be honest, I love Doege's excitement, he generally sounds excited for the opportunity to be this team's quarterback and he also wants to win championships:

I just want to be known as a quarterback that led this team to a Big 12 Championship. I have some personal goals, but those don't matter to me as much as winning football games here. And I want to do it for the guys that are my teammates, and I think we deserve it.

Johnson wants to do that as well:

Yeah, Big 12 Champions. That is the goal for the entire team and especially for us. It's something that we haven't accomplished here at Tech. We want to take it, without a doubt. We don't want to leave any doubt. We want everybody to know that we took it, deserved it, and we earned it.

Just a few more days.

INJURY UPDATE | This is not your official injury update, but just letting you know that Tuberville mentioned that WR Aaron Fisher, who really was a special teams ace, broke his leg and is out for the year, while C Tony Morales is out a couple of weeks with a knee issue. I'll have the official DTN injury update tomorrow. I promise I'm keeping track.

HIRING AND FIRING HEAD COACHES | I know that we shouldn't be discussing this right now, but I ran across this story from the official Tennessee site explaining why they are running a $4 million deficit. We talked about this in May with the thought that you have to start paying off current head coaches and then hire new coaches and that can be expensive. Tennessee is currently paying two football coaches, two men's basketball coaches and two baseball coaches. Hiring and firing coaches can get expensive.

MISCELLANEOUS | Wide Right & Natty Lite announces a running mate in their incredibly entertaining WRNL PAC series . . . FWST's Stefan Stevenson has a power poll . . . SAEN's Douglas Pils previews the Red Raiders and predicts a 7-5 record . . . RaiderPower answers your questions in a mailbag . . .

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