One Magic Night



Have you ever experienced that moment of clarity, that one glorious evening that you never ever forget? If so then you understand what real magic is.

My magic night happened in the fall of 1991.

It was a typical Friday night in New Deal. The football game was over (can't remember if we won or lost), we had finished up our post game meal at Pinocchio's Pizza, and had all gathered in the tiny grocery store parking lot in the middle of town, just like we did every week. However, this night was different. There was danger in the air. We had no idea that the Jose brothers had gone vigilante and were running from the entire New Deal Police Department.

The Jose brothers were just that- two brothers named Jose. Their dad, Jose, had decided he wanted his legacy to live forever. So, he named his first son "Jose" and then, a year later, named his next born "Jose". Nothing out of the ordinary for us. No one ever questioned it. They were both just "Jose". Nice guys. Pretty quiet, but always friendly. "Those Jose's are really good guys" we'd say. "I really enjoyed having both Jose and Jose in class this year" was a comment heard frequently in the teacher's lounge.

Because of this, it came as quite a shock to find out that Jose and Jose were on the run. No one had seen them for a few days and the rumors began to swirl. Something was up, and we knew the hammer was about to come down. The full force and resources of the New Deal Police Department was going to bring Jose and Jose to justice. Fortunately for them, the full force of the NDPD was a guy in his early 60's named Marcy and his 1976 Dodge Police Cruiser. It was painted white with a green star, and struck fear in the hearts of normal adolescent teens with bad intentions- but not on this night. Not with Jose and Jose.

"Who's that driving so fast?" someone said in the parking lot. "Man that car is moving fast!" We were in awe as it sped by, going at least 75 or 80. A few seconds later we could hear the sirens of Marcy as he tore past us.

What the hell? Who is Marcy chasing? Did he find Jose and Jose?

Word spread quickly, and our fears were confirmed. It was Jose and Jose, and they were up to no good. A few minutes later they tore past us again, with Marcy only 10 or 15 seconds behind. We started to cheer. Go Jose and Jose! Keep going! Don't let the man keep you down! Keep running! And when you come to the end of the road, turn around and go the other way!

The chase lasted about 30 minutes I guess. Jose and Jose would roar past us and we'd all scream with joy. I think a few cheerleaders even made signs. Then we'd boo Marcy (subdued of course) as he'd charge past. It was a great night. Magical even. All our passions, fears and dreams were laid out on that country road and we felt some sort of primal joy every time they came flying by. Run Jose! Run Jose!

We never knew what really happened, or why Jose and Jose kept turning around and driving past us all, but I'm glad they did. They're grown now with little Jose's of their own, and I'm sure they tell the story to their sons with gusto.

Marcy retired a few years later and though he'd never admit it, I'm sure he was grateful for Jose and Jose as well. We all shared a moment that night. A moment brought about by two smiling brothers named Jose.

I'm looking for that moment tonight. I've been trying to find it for 21 years, but have never been able to get back to that magical feeling.

I bought ten Mega Millions Lotto tickets today and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna win about $462 million. When it happens, I'll get that feeling back. Finally, I'll get that feeling back. I need that magic. Please Mega Millions, give me that magic. Not everyone gets even one magic night. I'm about to have two.

When I win, my first call will be to Seth. I'm gonna need some legal advice.

Then I'm gonna buy a gold jet ski, and a medallion to match.

Then I'm gonna call Jose and Jose.



<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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