Recruiting on the South Plains | FB Michael Pearson

Position: FB
Ht: 5'11" | Wt: 255 lbs | Forty: 4.70
JUCO: Pierce C.C. (Woodland Hills, CA)
DTN Profile
Video: Clip 1
Rivals | Scout N/A | ESPN | 24/7 Sports N/A
Cumulative Ranking: INC

Rivals | , 5.3 Rivals Rating
Scout | N/R
24/7 Sports | N/R

This is an interesting pick-up, especially for a team that lacks a true fullback, other than Omar Ontiveros, who I thought did a pretty good job when asked to play. As you'll note from the scouting report and the video below, I'm pretty sure that the height and weight listed are accurate, which means that he's an absolute ton of bricks and seeing his special teams play, that's an accurate statement.

This isn't a need, and given the fact that Pearson is a preferred walk-on, there's little to no risk as he doesn't take a roster spot and he apparently loves to play special teams. Those are pluses in my book as special teams is often overlooked (insert jokes here).

The biggest problem with Pearson is that he's very much an unknown, other than the Rivals profile, with a rating of 5.3, which means that he's essentially a role player and that's probably accurate, but teams need role players that do their job..

The Player Speaks

I've already posted this once, but I'll post this again, Pearson was on with Level and Dickens on Double T 104.3 and he's got an interesting story. Pearson is a very motivated individual and he's also a guy that probably appreciates the value of a scholarship. Pearson was a team captain for his Pierce C.C. team last year and he's also 22 years old according to his video. That means that he's probably more mature than most kids coming from the JUCO ranks and he's well thought of by his teammates. One other thing is that his height and weight reminds me of a comic book character, Juggernaut. At the end of the video, he says his nickname is "The Animal", but I kinda like Juggernaut. And yes, my wife thinks its sad that I'm familiar with comic book characters.

Scouting Report

Pearson seemingly plays on every special teams squad, although his film is mainly made up of kickoff and punt coverage. I don't know that there's much for me to add other than what the video offers. There is one play where he's lined up on the line of scrimmage and the opposing team is punting. He sprints through the line of scrimmage and takes on the three defenders in front of the opposing punter and moves all three of them backwards. There are just a few plays where he's playing fullback and again, he is always moving the opponent in a positive direction. I do really like how Pearson is excitable and I think that's an incredibly important part of the game.


Mike, welcome to Texas Tech and Git Your Guns Up!

The 2012 Class

Everything is after the jump. Cumulative ranking explanation here. Cumulative ranking data here. Quick and easy explanation:

The idea is to take all of the data from all of the recruiting services and put it into just one number. Thus, the idea is that a grade of 68 or 69 is a thee-star player, while a ranking of 83 or 84 is a four-star player. Anything in between those numbers or lower means that the player most likely has a lower grade with one service or another. For example, Quinton White is thought of by all the recruiting experts as a solid three-star player. While a player like Clayton Nicholas is mostly a three-star player but ESPN does give him a four-star grade, so his grade is a bit higher.

Position Commitment Ht/Wt School/State Cumulative Ranking
QB CLAYTON NICHOLAS 6-3/205 Cooper (Abilene, TX) 74.3
RB QUINTON WHITE 5-8/180 A&M Consolidated (College Station, TX) 69.8
RB MIKE PEARSON 5-11/255 Pierce C.C. (Woodland Hills, CA) INC
WR REGINALD DAVIS 6-1/185 Tenaha (Tenaha, TX) 83.9
WR DOMINIQUE WHEELER 6-2/178 Crockett (Crockett, TX) 84.8
WR SADALE FOSTER 5-8/185 Riverside C.C. (Riverside, CA) 62.4
WR JAVON BELL 5-8/185 Gulf Coast C.C. (Perkinston, MS) 81.7
C JARED KASTER 6-4/268 Rice (Altair, TX) 71.7
OL TREY KEENAN 6-5/270 Argyle (Argyle, TX) 74.5
OL RASHAD FORTENBERRY 6-5/285 Gulf Coast C.C. (Perkinston, MS) 67.0
OL CONNOR GROOMS 6-4/280 Robert E. Lee (Tyler, TX) 67.2
DL J.J. BYNUM 6-3/275 A&M Consolidated (College Station, TX) 71.1
DL MICHAEL STARTS 6-5/285 La Vega (Waco, TX) 84.2
DL ANTHONY SMITH 6-0/291 Westfield (Houston, TX) 70.5
DL CHASE ROBISON 6-4/225 Christian Brothers (Memphis, TN) 63.6
DL LEE ADAMS 6-3/265 Riverside C.C. (Riverside, CA) 67.2
LB KRIS WILLIAMS 6-2/200 Bryan Adams (Dallas, TX) 69.6
LB RYAN FLANNIGAN 6-1/200 Marshall (Missouri City, TX) 71.0
LB WILL SMITH 6-3/220 Riverside C.C. (Riverside, CA) 69.2
LB CHRIS PAYNE 5-11/215 Gulf Coast C.C. (Perkinston, MS) 61.4
DB LA'DARIUS NEWBOLD 6-1/180 Lancaster (Lancaster, TX) 70.1
DB MICAH AWE 6-0/210 Mansfield Summit (Mansfield, TX) 67.5
DB THIERRY NGUEMA 6-0/175 Santiago (Corona, CA) 60.4
DB AUSTIN STEWART 6-2/200 Pierce C.C. (Woodland Hills, CA) 61.6
DB BRUCE JONES 5-9/175 Riverside C.C. (Riverside, CA) 61.4
DB OLAOLUWA FALEMI 5-11/170 Los Angles Harbor C.C. (Wilmington, CA) 60.0
ATH KEENON WARD 5-9/176 Snyder (Snyder, TX) 70.7
ATH CASEY GLADNEY 6-1/180 Columbia (Columbia, SC) 74.2
Averages 70.0
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