DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2012-02-04

ODDS AND ENDS | Sorry for being so delinquent lately. Had to take the kid to get a social security card on Thursday then yesterday morning, the kid was coughing up a lung (he's fine, but we thought he might have RSV) and I was Mr. Mom almost all day yesterday, including me taking him to the doctor yesterday. We'll get back on track next week.

BIG 12 STUFF | Big East Coast Bias noted that Louisville is still aggressively pursuing an invitation to the Big 12 and would guess that this is totally true (being serious here) . . . CBS Sports Dennis Dodds runs down the list of Big 12 commissioner candidates, although WVU's Oliver Luck has said that he's not interested, but my money is on Notre Dame's AD Jack Swarbuck . . . also from CBS Sports, Brett McMurphy writes that from everything he hears, do not look west for a team like BYU, but look east

TEXAS TECH SOFTBALL | The LAJ (beware video auto-play) has a preview of the softball team.

LADY RAIDER BASKETBALL | No news here other than wanted to mention that the ladies play tomorrow against Missouri at 1:00 pm and the game is in Lubbock.

RED RAIDER BASKETBALL | Don't forget, there's a game tonight that most people will not be able to watch because it's on the Longhorn Network. Starts at 6:00 pm.

We've all been somewhat wondering why Robert Lewandowski is still starting and playing so much and LAJ's Nick Kosmider tells this story from the offseason:

During offseason workouts last summer, when coaches couldn’t conduct practices, it was up to Lewandowski, Texas Tech’s lone senior, to introduce the team’s freshmen to the joys of conditioning at the major-college level.

In other words, the veteran made the new guys work.

"I hated it," Tolbert, one of those freshmen, said with a smile following a 27-point performance in a win over Cal State Bakersfield six weeks ago. "Rob was on me real hard, and I didn’t understand why. Now I understand why."

This is why Lew is playing so much despite being off his game. He's being rewarded and I think I'm okay with that.

TEXAS TECH FOOTBALL | We talked about this on Thursday, but as expected former Abilene Christian University head coach, Chris Thomsen, was named as Texas Tech's offensive line coach (nothing from the official site). LAJ's Don Williams spoke with offensive coordinator Neal Brown who confirmed the hiring and said that Thomsen was the one guy that they wanted:

"When I found out Jim was going to take the opportunity with the (Miami) Dolphins, that was the only guy we talked to was Chris," Tech offensive coordinator Neal Brown said. "You look at what they’ve done at ACU and it’s very impressive."

Aside from leading ACU to the NCAA Division II playoffs six years in a row, Thomsen was doing with his offense what Brown wants to do with Tech’s.

"I think the most appealing part to me was he was head coach and offensive line coach," Brown said. "They’ve been passing for 300 yards, a little over, and rushing for between 200 and 250. In a perfect world, that’s where we’d like to be."

Turner, with whom Brown worked at Delaware, took the Tech job when the Texas A&M staff was left in limbo by the firing of head coach Mike Sherman. But when Sherman landed the offensive coordinator position with the Miami Dolphins, he rehired Turner to be his line coach.

I didn't know that Turner had worked with Brown in a previous stop, so now that initial hire makes more sense. Still, I really like Thomsen and what he brings to the table, although I was also excited about Turner.

Double T 104.3's Chris Level and Aaron Dickens talked with QB Clayton Nicholas, CB LaDarius Newbold, DT Anthony Smith, DT J.J. Loller (Bynum) and FB Michael Pearson. Very much enjoyed listening to all of these interviews, but did like the interview with Pearson, who also apparently had preferred walk-on offers from USC and Oklahoma, has a kid, realized later in life that he wanted an education rather than work at Wal-Mart (no offense to Wal-Mart I'm sure) and seems incredibly grateful that he has an opportunity to get that education. Also make sure and check out Williams and Hyatt Show's Ryan Hyatt talk with DE coach Robert Prunty. I always enjoy listening to Prunty.

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