Red Raider Gridiron | Richards Matures and Injury Update

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Texas Tech's Jackson Richards has matured as a player and an injury update as Texas Tech hopes to have Shawn Corker and Tony Morales return soon.

RICHARDS MATURING | LAJ's Don Williams writes about DE Jackson Richards and how he has matured as a player. Richards notes that it's a process (hello Jason Garrett) and that it takes time to be a good player:

"You’ve got to know it’s a process," he said. "Even in high school, I don’t think I was a decent player until my junior year. I might have started my sophomore year, but I wasn’t any good until, I feel, my junior year. You’ve got to look back at that and realize I’m a redshirt sophomore now, so I’m actually playing earlier than I did in high school."

Richards also knows the type of player he is and I think this is pretty accurate:

"I don’t want to limit myself," Richards said, "but I think I fit the run probably better than I am a pass rusher. I’m not a 4.4 fast type guy, but effort can get you some sacks, and I’m going to keep going until I can get some."

MOAR FUN NOTEBOOK | LAJ's Nick Kosmider writes about how the team needs to have fun, or something like that, that RB Kenny Williams is back at practice. DT Michael Starts is still out with tests (I think I wrote this yesterday too) while WR Shawn Corker and C/G Tony Morales are both going to be back soon, although I recall that Corker was practicing a couple of weeks ago.

WEST VIRGINIA VS. TEXAS TECH MISCELLANEOUS | A Student of the Game's Cody Davis writes about having a short memory as a player . . . via the TribLIVE, the Mountaineers are not looking ahead . . . via the West Virginia Daily, WVU is not looking past an un-ranked Texas Tech . . . via the West Virginia Daily, WVU is ready to shift focus to Texas Tech . . . via the Register-Herald, Coach Holgorsen does not know what a trap game is . . . The Smoking Musket asks if they have the greatest coach in West Virginia history . . . and while not related at all to WVU vs. TTU, Wide Right & Natty Lite with one of the best posts I've read in a long time, "DeLoss Dodds Builds an Endzone" . . .

SIT DOWN WITH D.J. JOHNSON | TTU's Brandon Rawe sits down and talks with S D.J. Johnson about Oklahoma and about West Virginia:

Sit-Down with DJ Johnson (via techathletics)

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