I had a dream.

A dream so vivid, so real, that when I awoke this morning the faith in Texas Tech football was restored. When I awoke, I ran to my computer, half-expecting to see a DTN post-game thoughts post about our recent bowl victory. I was transported, if only for a moment, into the future. When I realized it was not real, my immediate reaction was to spread my optimism to you, the DTN faithful.

Let me preclude this post with a few points:

-I was in the drumline at Tech, so the band played an especially prominent roll in my dream.

-I am a reluctant supporter of Tubberville, but only out of love for Texas Tech. I am again the so-called Bell Tower Boys. I do, however, want us to win, so, so badly.

-I realize that this was simply a dream. However, I frequently have dreams that come true. God, I can only hope this one does.

-For the sake of entertainment, I'm going to include the other parts of the dream that don't necessarily concern football. But this is all exactly as I can remember it, with no fluff.

Here we go:

It was Lubbock, TX. Or was it Tempe, AZ, where I currently reside? Or the fair city of San Antonio, my home at the time of The Fiasco, and the subsequent bowl victory. I was all three, and yet none at all.

I was at Buffalo Wild Wings, enjoying my beer and wings, preparing for the upcoming game. There were scores of Texas Tech fans everywhere, to my surprise (this particular BWW is in Arizona), preparing for the upcoming bowl game versus the No. 2 LSU Tigers. Now, I realize that it would be impossible for a bowl game to occur after the National Championship, and that Texas Tech's ranking in my dream (I want to say 23, our record on the season was 9-2) would make such a match-up highly unlikely, if not downright impossible. Maybe, in the future, where my dream takes place, the BCS has crumbled (we can only dream...).

After a few beers, I used my drumline contacts to gain access to the field. The team was warming up just before the band did pregame. There were in black pants, red jerseys, and, get this: THROW BACK HELMETS! YES!!!!

I wished my fellow drumline members goodluck, then made my way over the LSU sideline. Their band had these ugly uniforms (oh wait, they still do) and there cheerleaders (only 6 of them) looked like the inbred back-country cajuns that we all stereotype that Louisiana produces.

The Tech cheerleaders were, of course, drop-dead gorgeous. And there had to have been 50 of them.

So, the game began. Tech struck first, with McRabbit RUNNING BACK THE KICKOFF ON THE FIRST PLAY. I was in Heaven, or dreaming. But, I see this as a sign of things to come. Strait up the middle, like a freakin jack rabbit!

Next, the Tigers struck with a series culminating with a touchdown.

But the Red Raiders looked different. They did not waiver in there attitude. They did not mope or whine. They looked confident as ever, even more than I've ever seen them, that this game would be no problem.

After another quick touchdown pass to an unknown wide receiver, and we're back up 14-7. I left the stadium to wander around Lubbock/Tempe/San Antonio and drink more beer, but I was having trouble (as someone had called me and told me to look for a missing girl). By the time we found her, the BWW I was heading to exploded and everyone had to evacuate. Luckily, I found another, and after much coaxing, the bartender changed the channel to the Tech game (from SOCCER. Are you kidding me? Soccer? I think this one's cause I saw an advertisement for the USA v. Venezuela game here in Phoenix.)

When I finally got the game on, it was remarkable: 63-14, Red Raiders. Tubs didn't even do that smirk thing. He just looked confident and serious. Doege was all... well, Doege again. A la New Mexico game. Tearing the secondary to shreds. The best part? 8 minutes left in the fourth quarter, still.

Now, Severus Snape came along at some point, grabbed me, and took me and Harry and Hermione to some other place where we couldn't watch the game. But my spirit wasn't broken, because I knew the Red Raiders would churn out a victory over No. 2 LSU. It was a return to glory. Plus, Gandalf was there and he helped me escape, and I went to my sister's basketball game (she goes to Baylor and is on the spirit squad, God bless her). Get this: the Lady Raiders beat No. 1 Baylor in my dream (maybe next year...).

So, what does it all mean? Is anyone still reading at this point? Who knows. But when I awoke, I felt as I hadn't felt in a few months, since maybe the New Mexico game. That things were going to be okay. We hadn't won the national championship, but that we had found our way again, the attitudes had changed, that the fans were on-board.

Who knows if this will come to pass. I'd sure like it to, as much as I dislike Tubs and the administration. But I swear, betting 2.5 million DTN Dollars, that what I have related to you was exactly as it happened. And I invite you be optimistic, to regain your pride. I might even get my Tech flag back out today.

Hey, I can always dream...

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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