Independence in the big 12

Just wanted to quickly provoke some thought:


With the mess of floundering sports governing bodies, big media strongarming, contract problems (imaginary or otherwise) and the fecklessness inherent at the nexus of politicians, bureaucrats and educators like there is in college-

Is it time to split the big 12 up and not only go independent, but fully deregulate?

Even total anarchy would be better than what is going on now.

All of this fairness and sharing and squabbling over who get's who's other piece currently has every school trying to find a better way leaping from one trap to another, and it really can't go on like this.

Think about it like this, screw the big 12, down with the NCAA,  and just schedule games in a college-to-college level. The bureaucracy is broken, impotent and dead, and doesn't even know it. So why not abandon the nonsense, and go fully independent/deregulated?

So we want to play Texas?  Great. Tubs can call up Mack Brown and schedule a game, and once the schedules are pinned down,  everyone starts the season.  Want it on TV? Sure let UT bring some of "their" media. We'll also bring ours. If they don't like it - that's tough. Gamenight at the Jones would be absolutely no different than it ever was.This is the way high-school athletics have worked for a very long time until recently.

The fascination with how much money UT earns, and who get's to reach into their pocket's seems to be the wrong conversation to be having to begin with. How about NOT being dependent on a rival for money? How about building a program that is designed from the ground up to stand on it's own successfully, even in bad times... and reap the rewards during the good times? The current socialized system appears to be imploding, in the same way the Macro systems do. I really want to know who had this fuzzy notion that it would be a great idea if we just could has our Karl AND our sports all rolled up into one, pretty please? *

I don't think more money from other sources is the answer, nor is fixing a layer of unneeded bureaucracy/governing body, but more freedom to do what is needed, and do what is right without tripping over contracts, big money deals, ego's, sports governing bodies, politicians, bureaucrats, and lawyers left and right. With the freedom in independence, schools would not be contractually pigeonholed into a caste system while depending on handouts of a few crumbs - but be virtually unlimited in improving their programs in a smart way while taking in as much money as they can succeed in generating.


I think it is a freedom problem and much less of a money problem. I think the money will follow the freedom once it is established. I somewhat like the idea of disbanding it, going independent, and deregulating, but I do not have enough information to be sure of my feelings on this.   Record your thoughts on this and sound off below.


*Special kinds of genius: 

1. The guy behind blister packaging: Just take your new product to a surgeon to cut it open, you'll see him anyway if you don't.

2. Whoever invented non-alcoholic beer. (However it still contains alcohol.)

3. Whoever it was that decided to have a "New" Mexico, despite it only being a marginal improvement on the old one. (Ditto "New" England, although the difference used to be much larger.)

4. The guy signed off on a zoo in a city with a hot climate, so the only thing you remember about how great it is- is how much you paid to carry a stench that won't wash off for days.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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