Implosion of the Big 12-2 Only one party is at fault.

That would be the University of Texas.

As we see the future existence of the Big 12 being put into serious jepordy, there is only one part and one party alone to blame, and that is The University of Texas. Their immense arrogance, insistence that they make the rules or not have to follow the rules they do not like, is what is putting the Big 12 on its death bed. The arrogance of the Texas powers, fans, and the entire entitled, bratty culture of those who reside in Sodom on the Colorado River is the one and only reason that the Big 12 will most likely, be no more.

The villians-\


Deloss Dodds-Dodds is the defacto commissioner of the Big 12 and has been for years now. He calls the shots and threatens to leave if his beloved sips do not get their way or find ways to skirt the rules of the conference or just flat out ignore them. They are already media darlings, with merchandise sales to their legions of fans, most of whom cannot even spell COLLEGE, must less even went to one. Dodds knows the power he weilds and uses it to line his pocket books and at the same time that of the UT's. He is the puppet master of the powers in the Big 12.

Dan Beebee-the most weak kneed, sissified, so called commiossioner is an incompotent boob who isnt smart enough to be a dog catcher. He is terrified to stand up to the big bad UT, but will slap a 10,000 dollar fine on a coach (Mike Leach) who calls out the fact that referees that are alums of schools should not officiate those games, especially against rival schools. or issues a reprimand to another coach (Mark Mangino) who just flat out says his team was cheated due to BCS money. He is the not worthy of his spot and refuses to draw a line in the sand and continues to be pushed around by the UT machine.

The University of Texas-Think of it like this. There are 12 kids playing on a playground. 3 or 4 are strong kids already, and another 2-3 are getting bigger and stronger. but this one arrogant jerk kid who wears burnt orange says that they will play games on the playground his way or else. So the other 11 put up with it because they know what a jerk he is. But then they kid in the burnt orange gets too big for his own good, and the other 11 really start to resent it. So two of them just say screw off and leave and join other playgrounds, where everyone is treated with more equity. Then another 4 who are now big kids, say, you know what we are going to do just that, if you dont stop acting so arrogantly, we are going to pick up our ball and go play somewhere else. The other 4 kids are too small and are afraid nobody will play with them anymore so they have to play along with the big jerk burnt orange. So Burnt Orange says, Ok, the 10 of us can get along, and so they do........for a little while. And then the Burnt Orange is again emboldended to be the big dog on the playground and starts trying to just flat out break rules and say, Hey, I can do it because I am the King of this playground! The Kings main rival, finally says screw this and says I am going to playground to the east, and 4 others say we are going west. We have had enough of you, and pretty soon, the Burnt Orange kid is going to have the playground all by himself, and nobody will want to play with him.

I applaud A&M for doing what they are doing. They would rather go into a much tougher conference and live with that than to put up with the antics of the whorns. and as far as Tech, OU, OSU and Mizzou, we all need to tell Texas to stick it, we are NOT going to put up with them and just bolt for the PAC as well. Texas, and their insistence that things be done their way and their arrogance has to be put to a halt, and if Beebee Weenie isnt going to do it, Tech, TAMU, and the aformentioned schools need to.

That smell that you smell isnt Lubbock, its the arrogance of Austin carried by the Wind.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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