DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2011-07-14

Texas Tech Defensive Coordinator Chad Glasgow Talking Football on the Williams & Hyatt Show [AUDIO] - SportsRadio 1340 The Fan
Good stuff from Ryan Hyatt with Glasgow.  I'm going to enjoy watching Glasgow transform this team.

I really enjoy watching these guys on video.  You can tell that some of them are comfortable in front of the camera and some are not.  LaAdrian looks a little nervous.

RedRaiderSports.com - Raider Buzz: Tommy Tuberville overlooked by media
I tackled this last Friday when I asked if Tuberville was the 14th best hire in 2010.  RRS.com's Mike Graham opines  that Tuberville was the best hire last year.  I don't know about that.  Graham gives this as his rational:

Wins are the single most important thing a coach can be judged by. Tuberville had a few big wins last season though, admittedly, 8-5 isn't exactly what fans expect long-term. But there's so much more to a coach than what's done on the field.

Quite frankly, a head coach's job shouldn't be coaching X's and O's. It's about assembling, maintaining and supervising a good coaching staff, placing a big emphasis on recruiting and having a good public outreach.

Tuberville does all the things a good head coach needs to and he does them well.

Well, if this is the criteria, then I think you have to pick Florida St.'s Jimbo Fisher, who won 10 games last year, had the #2 ranked recruiting class last year and didn't have a defense absolutely fail.  Graham said this about Fisher, "He's kind of, sort of a new head coach."  Okay . . .

Photos: 10 Texas Tech football players you need to know for 2011 | Texas Tech Red Raiders News - Sports News for Dallas, Texas - SportsDayDFW
I'm only linking this to show that perhaps the DMN is slowing becoming the Bleacher Report with all of their slideshows. 

Review: The Big Scrum - How Teddy Roosevelt Saved Football - Corn Nation
Good book review from Corn Nation.

Big E, Up And At 'Em - From Our Editors - SBNation.com
So glad to see former Rutgers offensive lineman, Eric LeGrande, stand up.  LeGrande was paralyzed on a kickoff return from last year and is recovering.

Rivals.com Football Recruiting - Texas 7-on-7 tourney filled with talent
If you're in College Station, you can check out QB Clayton Nicholas and WR Dominique Wheeler.

Scout's honor " Texas Football
DCTF interviews Randy Rogers who talks about his recruiting service vs. a guy like Will Lyles, and also mentions QB Clayton Nicholas and WR/ATH Reginald Davis. 

Will A&M trigger the next realignment explosion? | TexAgs | Texas A&M Realizes Longhorn Network Really Is Happening, Pines Again For SEC | Barking Carnival
I feel like I'm really behind on this story, but it seems improbable that any move is made in the next year or so.  It's possible that it could happen, but I don't know what the trigger for any moves would be other than just being unhappy with the current situation.

Rivals.com Basketball Recruiting - Great American Shootout Saturday recap | Connor Lammert - Yahoo! Sports
This was mentioned in yesterday's DTNDD, that San Antonio's Connor Lammert has received an offer from Texas Tech, but haven't had confirmation of that.  Anyway, we do know from the first link that Texas Tech as taking a look at Connor this past week at an AAU tournament and this is what was aid about him:

Connor Lammert, PF, Texas D1 Ambassadors San Antonio- There can't be many, if any, players in the state of Texas who have improved as much in the last year as the 6-foot-8 insider from San Antonio. The lefty is a bit dominant in turning to his right shoulder, but he's adding size, strength and is a terror trailing to drain jumpers in transition. Even though he's nearing the start of his senior year he's still only 16 and would appear destined to play high major basketball. He listed Texas A&M, Texas, Texas Tech, Oklahoma State, Nevada and Baylor among others and they were all represented on Saturday night.

Connor's older brother, Clark Lammert, is a preferred walk-on this year for Billy Clyde Gillispie. 

Area players far well in TGCA All-Star loss | volleyball, rose, star - Volleyball - OAVarsity.com | Volleyball Newcomers to Play in TGCA All-Star Game - TEXAS TECH OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE

Sally Kipyego has 10,000 reasons to believe she’ll make Kenyan national team | Kipyego’s 10K choice is a plan to help her crack one of toughest Trials
Good luck to Sally as she tries to make the Kenyan National Team!

HEY GUYS WHAT R U DOING - Every Day Should Be Saturday | Mike Leach: Yup Still Not Hired | Sports Radio Interviews " Blog Archive " Mike Leach Releases Book Detailing How He Believes Craig James Dragged Him Through the Mud | Mike Leach biding time amid Texas Tech, ESPN lawsuits - Andy Staples - SI.com | Wielding a pen, a pirate named Leach looks to clear his name - NCAA Football - CBSSports.com
Found a few more articles on Leach, including the second links from In The Bleacher's Michael Felder, who has an interesting opinion on why Leach hasn't been hired.  I'll let you read the whole thing, but I think it should be said that the relationship between Leach and the administration was caustic all the way around and you could probably find plenty to blame both parties for prior behavior (I'm talking about the behavior between both parties for the past handful of years, not when Leach was terminated).  Felder also claims that 65 jobs opened up since Leach was hired and hasn't been hired for any of them.  Well, that's because he had a job for 10 of those years.  You could make the same argument about Bob Stoops, who has been OU's head coach for X number of years, and hasn't been hired by any other program, therefore he must not be capable of being hired.  I don't like that argument.  If you want to make the argument that Leach hasn't landed a job since he was terminated, fine, but to expect him to have been hired by another university even though he had a job seems unfair.

Totally Texas Tech: New TTU Campus Pictures - 7/13/2011
Great pics from TTURed!

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