Weather Grounds Tubby Neal Brown Steps Up

I went to the San Antonio Quarterback Club luncheon along with about another 80 or so enthusastic Red Raiders to listen to Catfish and drink the Kool-Aid at noon today.  However, while we have been praying for rain every day since January 5, 2011, somehow Catfish got lucky and could not get out of Lubbock to entertain us.  One thing about San Antonio, we either get no rain, or lots of it.  Today, we got lots of it.

Instead, by mere chance, our Offensive Coordinator Neal Brown was in town recruiting a QB from Sam Houston High School.  Neal said he was in the parking lot at Sam Houston waiting for the rain to stop, and coach Tubby called and instructed him to get over to the luncheon and take his spot in front of a hungry and anxious Tech Crowd.  Tubby told him he could recruit that kid later.  We all agreed, and glad that Tubby had his priorities in order.

I spoke with Oldschool afterwards, and one thing for certain, all kidding aside, Catfish had done a great job in bringing quality coaches into our program.  I introduced myself to coach Brown prior to the meeting not knowing that he was Tubby's fill in.  He answered all my questions and was very enthusatic about Tech Football.  I have been fortunate to meet several of our coaches, and they a great people.

On another note, I was able to meet both parents of Jace Amaro afterwards, and man are they great people.  After meeting the character of our coaches, it is no wonder that we ended up with the 15th best recruiting class in the country.   These coaches are bringin in quality kids.  On days like this, I really feel good about being a Red Raider.  Now for the good stuff.

In my opinion, the most important information NB passed along was that it looked like that all of the kids they signed are going to be eligible and ready to play in the Fall, and he said that included Leon Mackey.  The other piece of information that was good to hear is that Scott Smith is one or two games away from getting out of the dog house with coach Tubby.  That was really good news.  Still no report on what he did to get in the dog house.

NB was really excited about the offensive line.  He felt that the OL, with three senior starters back, was solid and will only get better.  He praised Stephens and believes that we will have our first 1,000 rusher since The Real Ricky Williams.  He could not stop saying enough good things about Kennard, and they are expecting big things from him.  He said that we finsihed 15th in the country in total offense last year, and expects us to be in the top five next year.  He really likes Amaro, and feels he will step right in.  NB said that Amaro was the best TE in the country, period.  He also said that while Brewer looks great, he will Red Shirt.

He spoke about the defense, and said that injuries and suspensions just killed us last year.  He said that Russian Coffee (Glasgow) has really simplified the defense, and when you add the experience and depth coming in that the defense is going to turn some heads next year.  The only area of concern he said was at Line Backer.  He said defense will be much improved, but we need to stay injury free because we still do not have the depth.  He also talked about how The Jeep ran the 3-4, and that it was too hard on the secondary because they had to play man to man.  The good news, they are experienced and leanred a lot.  In the 4-2-5 they will play a lot of zone.

In closing, NB did a great job and I am sure he was not prepared at all.  He as much as said so.  He was in his Tech Shirt and casual pants and apologized for not wearing a tie and coat.  I do not know if he has done this before, but I would expect that anyone of Tubby's assistants could get up and handle themselves as well as NB did.

I would encourage anyone who has a chance to attend a Red Raider function do so.  I wish Tubby would have been there so I could have asked him about Obama's birth certificate, but NB was asked about it, and he deferred because of his pay grade.  Great day, and now lets go out and kick some ass.




<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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