My thoughts on the 2nd Scrimmage

[Note by Seth C, 03/06/11 10:31 AM CST ]  Promoted to the front page.  Awesome work.

So I made it out for most of the 2nd scrimmage yesterday. Here are my thoughts on the team.

1: Sam Fehoko might finally be breaking out. He was all over the field, and caught probably his first ball ever, picking off Doege about halfway through the scrimmage.

2: Shawn Corker and Marcus Kennard are going to demolish some Big 12 corners. Corker had at least 2 TD grabs (since I left, not sure), and Kennard was running what almost felt like tight end routes, but with much faster speed. Both have really sure hands.

3: Its going to be really tough to redshirt Derek Edwards and Ronnie Daniels. Edwards has some serious ups, much like Leong. I can remember at least 2 ridiculous jump catches, where he leaped over the cornerbacks covering him, one time coming down with a very nice gain (20+) and the other time losing it at the last second. He is a play maker. Ronnie Daniels is seriously the real deal. If Stephens starts fumbling the ball again (which he didn't yesterday), Daniels very well might take the majority of the carries.

4: There were *way* too many false starts. There were at least 5 false starts in a 15 play period. Neal Brown was seriously POed. It was all across the board, no one offender.

5: Glasgow is loud! I could hear him across the entire sidelines, clearly.

6: The defensive ends weren't getting much pressure. Leon Mackey and Branden Jackson very well might line up with the 1st stringers by conference play, if they are as good as advertised.

7: Doege did not convince me he was the starter. He had 2 at least 2 picks (both horrid decisions) and threw into double coverage way too much. Jacob Karam had a much better day. Doege's ball looked a little wobbly in the air. Karam was spot on, and made better decisions. Karam also had a really nice zone read run for about 15 yards when our corners stuffed the wideouts.

8: David Neil struggled snapping the ball as a 2nd string center. Tony Morales might have to burn his shirt. The tackles were fantastic. Whenever there was pressure, it was up the middle. I remember Lawrence Rumph had a ridiculous play, where he just blew past whoever was on LG at the time, and was right in Doege's face.

9: The D-backs looked solid, it should be a lot deeper and more experienced in the fall. Nobody was getting burned. Our safety's should be a strength this year, instead of a liability. Dewhurst (yes him) and Bullit were tackling very well. Our walk on cornerbacks were doing very well, and will be very solid in rotation in the fall.

That's everything I got. Enjoy!

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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