Open letter to Adam James

To the Tight End


I am writing this letter to you because I feel like with all that has gone on the past two years, you, your dad, former Coach Mike Leach, and the entire Raider Nation has some things they need to hash out with you heading into your senior year, your last year to ever play football, and I do not mean that with any offense.

First off, few in the Radier nation begrudge you for having a former NFL player and College Star and ESPN analyst as your father, and being brought up privelaged. You dad worked hard to get those things and he is reaping those benefits. You won the genetic lottery. Rather than being thankful for such a comfortable upbrining, your name became synonymous with laziness, entitielement, dishonesty, and overall childishness for the past behaviors that you have exhibited not only Texas Tech, but at Celina High School. You felt entitled to make varsity as a freshman at one of the best programs in the state simply because of who your father is/was. You had the talent, but rather than having talent and work ethic, you just had talent and a bad attitude.

Fast forward to your College Career. Mike Leach is your coach, and you have been given a chance to play in the best offensive system that ever took a college football field. You play quite a bit as a freshman, are given national exposure as Craig's son, and have your coach say that you have the best hands on the team. Not only does the coach abandon his throw first, last, and always stance and create formations that take advantage of some of your talents, he plays you more than many other players that work harder than you and uses you as a tight end, a position he deems useless. In the end, it was all for naught, your dishonesty got him fired, along with your father using his bully pulpit to egg it on. In the process you, along with co-conspirators took the livelihood of a man, divided a fanbase and school, and made Texas Tech football, a program that no one could seriously take lightly, the laughing stock of college football for months.

That is all over, Adam. You have a new coach. But of all the people that were hurt, it is you I pity the most. Mike Leach has plenty of money and opportunities that will come his way again, and will be known as the best offensive innovator of the past decade. Your father is still employed, though whether he should be is up for debate. Many coaches lost their jobs and had to leave Lubbock. You could have very done much more damage. But the reason I feel sorry for you is because that you an opportunity to not just help others, but help youself. If you had submitted to the orders of your coaches, and further developed your talent, you could have been a major contributor and not just played as a tight end but as an IR. You have good football skills, but they were put to waste with attitude. Also, your Team is often dismissed by the college establishment, regardless of how many ranked teams they thrash, or how many solid bowl wins they have or how many passing and offensive titles they win. Your dad could have helped, but he chose to carry out a personal vendetta. Your last days a Red Raider are coming up on you quickly, and it will be a true shame to see coulda woulda shoulda sitting on the sidelines. Then the real world comes, and Adam, the real world does not work out like your little charade at Tech did. Laziness is punished, few people care who your daddy is, and only the strong survive and make it on their own, and nobody wants to be around someone with a bad attitude. Those are things that I have learned first hand. Do yourself a favor, in case you havent already, learn to work hard, realize that you are not entitled to anything, even when you have maybe earned it, and that you have been given opportunties to succeed and take advantage of it. This is your one last chance to prove to raider nation that you can be something, because most think you were never worth the recruiting trip to Celina. Try to prove them wrong, and lastly, making amends with some probably wouldnt be a bad idea either. Good luck this season, and God Bless,




<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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