Why We Can't Just Take What Brooks Feeds Us...

In the past couple of days I think we have all been caught up this hooplah created by popular sports blog 'Sports by Brooks' and his 'exclusive scoop' about Tubs not being happy in Lubbock. Here is the deal, for those who have been reading the site for a few years like I have you have noticed a massive shift in his coverage towards TTU after the ML split. He obviously took Leach's side (not that there's anything wrong with that) and has let it corrupt his journalistic integrity. I just wanted to throw out some of the posts he has put up over the past year and let you all make your own assumptions here, personally I feel I feel like Brooks has taken every chance he can to take pop-shots at TTU... but you decide.

(A short post featuring a ML book deal)

(An article covering what Brooks believes to be a conspiracy in the Texas courts which will ultimately beat Leach)

(another article on the Craig James fiasco and his 'Holy War' ... so why is there a feature video of Tech's failed onside kick against Baylor for everyone to see before the jump? The kids have a bad day and it's somehow linked to Craig James???)

(This one pokes fun at baby james being a 200 lbs Tight End..... hate the kid personally so no beef from me here)

(A nice little article about a fan at a basketball game who apparently was a bit too into the game when he was trying to psyche out an Aggie on the free throw line. So Brooks took the time to write about how he feels this guy is "Unemployed septic tank technician and sleeping on mom’s service porch at 47" ... very classy Brooks)

(Another article about the BBall fan... Wow Brooks, way to let lose on this guy, I'm sure he deserved it :/ gotta love quotes like this letting you know just how un-biased he is "Kudos to the Tech marketing department. That halftime shot idea for a colonscopy certainly has re-energized the Red Raiders fan base")

(Another story about CJ and the conspiracies Brooks has put together about the situation)

(More about Craig James... You know on the interwebs there is a saying "Do not feed the Trolls" why is he giving this guy so much attention?)

(Apparently Brooks can't accept that Tubs brings big money to TTU)

(Here's an interesting twist apparently now TTU is THROWING CJ UNDER THE BUS... WTF?)

(Here's one about how Tech apparently had made barely any money after Leach was gone.... guess this one was written before Tubs got there)

(Hey guys, his word is law... looks like Art Briles is our coach now)

(quick little note about Tubs being hired and retracting the whole Art Briles thing... whoopsie)



These were just the articles that came up when I clicked the 'Texas Tech Red Raiders' tag at the bottom of his latest article. But nawww this guy seems perfectly legit in his coverage of Texas Tech right? Why would we question anything he has to say? I mean could any of you guys think of a reason why some of us aren't too quick to jump on his 'Tuberville is miserable at Tech' story and praise it as gospel? I mean why should we believe a guy that has done nothing but try to bring down Tech every chance he gets... Honestly, if you feel otherwise then find me some recent articles that are pro TTU, I guarantee you it won't be easy.

Just some food for thought really... Wreck 'Em

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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