Recruiting on the South Plains | DE Desimon Green

I don't know why I had these as the High Plains, but obviously it should be the South Plains . . . right?  That means I'll need to change the logo.  Anyway, we're catching up on actual signees from the 2011 recruiting class and up first is DE Desimon Green. 

The Measurables:

Desimon Green
Position: DE
DTN Profile
Video: Clip 1 | Clip 2
Rivals Profile 5.5
Scout Profile
ESPN Profile 79
Ht: 6'5"
Wt: 230 lbs
Forty: 4.83
High School: Clairton (Clairton, PA)

More after the jump.

The Player Speaks:  I couldn't find anything after signing day, but in December he was named the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review Player of the Year and talked about his dominant performances on offense and defense for his high school team:

What did you learn about yourself?

"Under pressure, I do fine. Not to brag, but being down 24 points and playing quarterback, I could have easily got rattled or down on myself. But I didn't because I knew we still had three quarters left."


Who has been the most influential person in your life?

"I'd have to say my mom. Without her, I would have gave up a long time ago. I don't know where I would be at now. I'm so thankful for her and my trainer, Ms. Tammy (Ridgley), for pushing me. I wasn't going to play football anymore in high school. Ms. Tammy came to my house before my sophomore year, and they made me come up there."


The Video:  The first video is mainly Green at quarterback and the second video is mainly Green on defense.  And I'm much more impressed by the defensive video, but the truth is that Green looks like he's just so much bigger and better than anyone on the field. 



Scouting Report:  I really like his quickness off the ball at defensive end.  He looks like he out-classes just about everyone on the field, which makes me not trust the video, but he's really athletic and as I mentioned after signing day, I love the fact that Texas Tech has 3 players of similar size and speed.  Here's the Scout analysis on Green:

A jumbo athlete, Green plays quarterback and standup defensive end for Clairton's 5-Man front. He has the athleticism and change of direction to play outside linebacker on the next level. Depending on how he keeps growing, he could end up as a defensive end. Should he end up with his hand down, he'll need to take on and disengage from blocks better as he's apt to get pushed around once a blocker engages him - Scott Kennedy,

I agree with the later part of this.  I think Green eventually need to be a defensive end with his hand down, although he looks comfortable as an upright rusher, with his size, he should eventually be a nice option at defensive end.

Desimon, welcome to Texas Tech and Git Your Guns Up!

The 2011 Class: 

Position Commitment Ht/Wt School/State Rivals Rivals Rating Scout ESPN ESPN Grade
QB Michael Brewer 6-0/175 Lake Travis (Austin, TX) 3 5.7 3 3 78
RB Kenny Williams 5-10/210 Hendrickson (Pflugerville, TX) 4 5.8 4 4 80
RB Bradley Marquez 5-11/180 Odessa (Odessa, TX) 3 5.7 4 4 79
WR Derek Edwards 6-1/163 Brenham (Brenham, TX) 4 5.8 3 3 79
WR Marcus Kennard 6-4/205 Butler County C.C. (El Dorado, KS) 4 5.8 2 0 0
WR Jakeem Grant 5-7/157 Horn (Mesquite, TX) 3 5.5 3 3 75
TE Jace Amaro 6-5/237 MacArthur (San Antonio, TX) 4 5.9 4 3 78
OL Tony Morales 6-4/300 Sam Houston (Arlington, TX) 4 5.8 3 3 78
OL Alfredo Morales 6-3/287 Sam Houston (Arlington, TX) 3 5.7 3 3 76
OL Le'Raven Clark 6-6/245 Rockdale (Rockdale, TX) 3 5.7 4 3 79
OL Matt Wilson 6-7/270 Coldspring-Oakhurst (Coldspring, TX) 3 5.5 3 0 45
DL Dennell Wesley 6-3/315 Butler County C.C. (El Dorado, KS) 3 5.5 2 0 0
DL Leon Mackey 6-5/260 Hinds C.C. (Raymond, MS) 4 5.8 3 0 0
DL Donte Phillips 6-3/260 Homestead (Mequon, WI) 2 5.4 3 2 74
DE Kindred Evans 6-6/215 South Grand Prairie (Grand Prairie, TX) 3 5.6 3 3 75
DE Branden Jackson 6-4/220 McKeesport (McKeesport, PA) 3 5.7 4 3 78
DE Desimon Green 6-5/230 Clairton (Clairton, PA) 3 5.5 3 3 78
DE Cooper Washington 6-4/225 Muleshoe (Muleshoe, TX) 3 5.7 3 3 78
LB Blake Dees 6-0/234 Spanish Fort (Spanish Fort, AL) 3 5.5 3 2 73
LB Sam Eguavoen 6-2/220 Lakeview Centennial (Garland, TX) 3 5.6 2 3 75
LB Justin Cooper 6-1/205 University School of Nova South (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) 3 5.5 2 2 74
CB Jeremy Reynolds 5-9/166 Oak Ridge Military Academy (Oak Ridge, NC) 3 5.5 2 3 77
ATH Ronnie Daniels 6-1/195 La Cueva (Albuquerque, NM) 3 5.6 3 3 76
ATH LaDarrin Robertson 6-3/215 Longview (Longview, TX) 3 5.5 3 3 77
ATH DeAndre Washington 5-9/183 Marshall (Missouri City, TX) 3 5.7 4 3 78
ATH J.J. Gaines 5-11/175 Irving Nimitz (Irving, TX) 3 5.6 3 3 77
ATH Otis Wright 6-0/180 Dillard (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) 2 5.4 0 0 45
Averages 3.14 5.62 2.92 2.40 66.00
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