DTN Daily Diatribe | Texas Tech News, Notes and Links | 2011-12-07

ODDS AND ENDS | The Daily Toreador continues to report on something that no other media outlet in Lubbock is reporting. This time they have published articles and they have also made a FOIA request for all emails from Texas Tech, which Texas Tech has to deliver by December 15, 2011. Isom should talk to his attorney before speaking:

Clayton Isom would not confirm or deny that his family was involved with RaiderPark Limited Partnership. Clayton Isom said he is not the principal of RaiderPark Limited Partnership, but that he is a manager of the limited liability company, RaiderPark GP, which is the general partner of RaiderPark Limited Partnership.

This is a fairly common procedure for a lot of folks looking to protect assets. I am not anyone's attorney on DTN, so just take this for what it's worth, but a limited partnership requires two types of partners, a limited partner, which has limited input, but is usually the principal owner at 99% of the limited partnership, and a general partner, which is usually a limited liability company (LLC), owns usually 1% of the limited partnership and controls the limited partnership. As a manager of the LLC, a manager of that LLC does usually have some authority with the limited partnership because the LLC does in fact control the limited partnership.

RED RAIDER BASKETBALL | The official site and LAJ's Nick Kosmider have bits on last night's loss to TCU, 69-75. I haven't had time to watch the game and I'll be watching this evening, but from what I could tell, it wasn't close in the first half and Texas Tech made a furious comeback that eventually fell short. You can find the box score and post game quotes at those links. F Jordan Tolbert broke out with 27 points and 5 rebounds. F Jaye Crockett only received 3 minutes for the entire game. Hmm. G Toddrick Gotcher had 14 points and 7 assists and it's telling that this team is being led by two freshmen. Here's head coach Billy Gillispie:

"We played hard and competed the last 12 minutes and that was my most proud 12 minutes here as head coach. That's the kind of team I put on the court. We haven't worked enough on late game situations and how to foul. We wasted time on fouling there and that is no fault but my own. I was very proud of them. We got the ball where we wanted to and passed better. We really competed and I'm proud of my team"

LADY RAIDER BASKETBALL | Nice to see the Lady Raiders get some love in ESPN (I hate linking to ESPN, but it's for the Lady Raiders, so you'll have to excuse me) as one of the biggest surprise teams:

4. Texas Tech over Penn State. The Red Raiders have spent a few years trying to rebuild their program and return to the national rankings. Texas Tech hosted its first top-20 matchup in more than six years and was rewarded with a win over Penn State.

The LAJ's David Just writes about the success that Texas Tech had against the Penn St. zone defense last Saturday afternoon and F Jordan Barncastle talks about how teams could sag on the offense:

"In previous years, teams have been able to sit in the paint and we kind of beat ourselves," senior forward Jordan Barncastle said. "We don’t necessarily become as aggressive as we are in man to man. This year, that has changed. We have confidence in our outside shooting, and we have multiple threats that can hit the 3 and dribble penetrate and get into the gaps and really get to the heart of the defense."

And don't forget that the Lady Raiders play tonight, against UT-Arlington, at the United Spirit Arena at 7:00 pm. The DT's Chois Woodman has a preview of the game. Go check out the #16 team in the country!

TRACK AND FIELD | Per the official site, Texas Tech track and field coach Wes Kittley, the women's recruiting class is #7 in the country. Kittley is getting things done.

LADY RAIDER VOLLEYBALL | Per the official site, congrats are in order for senior Amanda Dowdy who has signed a contract to play professional volleyball in Germany! Here's Amanda:

"I am very grateful and honored that I get this opportunity to continue my career overseas," Dowdy said. "I am looking forward to experiencing new cultures and playing at the next level. This is obviously something I've dreamed of for a long time, and I can't wait to get started."

TEXAS TECH FOOTBALL AND COLLEGE FOOTBALL | So the most connected man on the internet (just ask him), Sports By Brooks tweets that former TAMU head coach R.C. Slocum has contacted Texas Tech head coach Tommy Tuberville about the open spot at TAMU:

Multiple sources confirmed today RC Slocum has called Tuberville to gauge interest in A&M job. No joke.

I find this questionable, the idea that TAMU would hire or even interview Tuberville, but it's out there.

Last weekend, California JUCO CB Kass Everett took a visit to Texas Tech and later said that Texas Tech was in his top three, along with OU and Iowa St. Last night he tweeted this:

Kent Hance, Chancellor at Texas Tech, sent me a well thought e-mail following up on our meeting from my visit. If you don't know "google"

Some Twitter user (I won't link back to him, but you can find it if you want) said that Hance was "the man" and Everett tweeted back:

Yes, very powerful man.

Oh geez. I don't know what to say or think and I have no idea if chancellors from other universities are actually sending emails potential football recruits, but if you ever thought that Hance was potentially micro-managing and wanted to be part of the football team in some capacity then this is Exhibit "A". I think that Everett is going to end up at OU, but I can't help but think that the Chancellor shouldn't be doing this and I also wonder if this is an NCAA violation. I thought that only football staff could contact prospective student-athletes? I cannot make up this type of stuff.

On the college football front (look at me distracting you) SI.com's Andy Staples writes that the Big 12 supports a plus-one playoff format . . . SBN's Bill Connelly has this weeks' numerical, plus he looks at 10 playoff formats and SBN's Spencer Hall ranks all of the bowl games.

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