So it’s come down to 5 things (concepts) for a successful Raider 2011 season

Londons evaluation of the D line

Tackle like you mean it. Making them run 17 plays is not necessarily a bad thing. If they don't score anything but a field goal. But it’s so much better to get a 3 and out. See Ou 2011. Blitz and wrap up.When you demonstrate an inability to shut off the run or  zone read then you will be flogged with it, get a mismatch some place and ram it down the opposing offense throat.

Cowboys Ride For Free

Don't come off the field on unsuccessful 3rd downs .. there is always 4th down and it hurts the opposing defensive coordinators head. It’s not every time but I say if it’s under 4 yards roll the dice. 50% of the time it works every time, it’s a go and they the opponent pay the price in lost momentum. We the Raiders are the gamblers here. Tech has nothing to lose. It’s not a badge of honor to lose by 6 versus 17.  If you are scaring the pants off the other side by scoring on every possession we have the opportunity to unnerve the other staff. Do we get it? There is no tomorrow for 2011 folks. Tech either wins 2 out of the next three or doesn't go bowling. It's Not going to matter folks.


Cowboys vs Red Raiders coverage

Make the other guy lose the ball – take aways mask all faults. We need 3 take aways per contest here from here on out. Doesn’t really matter force a fumble, stripped pass, ball jarred loose on a kick of coverage. It’s only important how many scoring opportunities we remove from the opponents ledger. The corollary is don’t fail to get points from the takeaway. Remember point # 2  above  the offense must not come off the field unless they score… is it a 100 % formula no..  but chaos theory favors the bold and the precise. We have been precise all season, it’s time to be bold as well. Head coach. Harness your inner Viking.

Texas Tech Red Raiders roster

Don’t panic do the routine play .. it’s ok to dink and dunk your way into the end zone. Remember into the end zone Raiders. No one can stop the 5 yard crossing route, the shovel pass or the 6 yard out route. Use them to the tune of 350 yards. Dive, sweep or draw for another 100 yards Neal will be okay. Score,  lineup do it all over again.

Texas Tech Red Raiders stats

Keep everything in front of you - the Headcoach must take long chances. Combination of thoughts first I don’t believe nor do I accept that Tech is out classed player for player by any other team in this league. That being said we can be out schemed if for instance the offense has an NFL caliber offensive tackle you are going to have to account for him. He must have series of blitz stunts and mob rushes thrown at him while a safety or linebacker spies the running back/QB risky yes.. high payoff possibly but surrendering to the upcoming opponents the option of doing what they like to do is a recipe for being down by 21. At the half. And if they are going to put 2 tight ends in then a 5th down linemen is required, create an anchor point ( a defensive pilemust be created) and the lone strong safety or linebacker is the only guy who is going to be on his feet for the tackle. BTW punting when the other team has decided to skull drag you with their rushing attack is not going to help.. you know and I hope the coaches know that giving it back and hoping is not an option. You are going to need an extra possession by any means available head coach..

    Texas Tech Red Raiders

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