10 things to worry about versus the unwashed masses known as longhorn fans oh and their team.


Sloppy tacklers: Tech has to be a wrap up product on defense all night. I am not saying they are doomsday or the steel curtain just get your arms around the running back and hang on. Don’t drop your head and leap, and pray. Just slug them in the mouth, take their lunch money and manhandle the crap out of anybody with the ball. You see these guys are like the Russians they only respect strength. Everyone harness your inner Cqlin Hubert baby. 4 missed tackles is all we are allowed. 7 QB hurries and 3 sacks should pay the bill.

We are beset by chardonnay drinkers (Longhorn fans that is) Ut tends to think of themselves as the class of the league and I suppose someone has to be it.. but they have had a few slugs in the mouth much like us so it’s been a come down of sorts. Never the less they are very good at what they are doing short passes, lots of reach blocks,  draws and sweeps to the short side trying to get a CB or Lb out of position. Tech needs 3 take aways and a couple of forced fumbles. Defense must stay in the hole..all game long.

A sleazy lawyer is why they named their field- Joe Jamail Field, let me see he’s an attack lawyer who built a rep bully ragging folk’s right?  Extract of his hijinks  "Delaware Supreme Court referred to Mr. Jamail's conduct as "rude, uncivil and vulgar," "abusing the privilege of representing a witness in a Delaware proceeding," 637 A.2d. 34, at 53, as displaying "an astonishing lack of professionalism and civility," and as "outrageous" and as "unacceptable," for statements to deposing counsel such as "you could gag a maggot off a meatwagon." To be fair he’s sent them 40 acres folks  a lot of money but the school put up two statues in return. So the field naming thing well its over kill.  Kinda like the LHN and D. Deloss’s defense thereof.  It’s just a sports venue to play on so I would hope your Red Raiders aren’t intimidated.  In fact I don’t expect them to be. They  weren’t  vs.  OU in Norman, so let’s dump these guys at their house, silence the crowd and get back to the airport. BTW we are 28 -5 in the modern era of competition in Austin. I want see Doege to Corndog, Jacoby Franks,  Alex Torres, Marcus Kennard, Tramain Swindle,  Darrin Moore and  Eric Ward to quiet down the 90,000 ut fans with 6 tds.(Plus)

Everyone knows Mack the smack: he’s probably telling his players respect everyone and fear no one. But he’s telling the UT assistant coaches hey look our jobs and our bonuses are on the line with this bowl eligibility stuff let’s play real soft the first period stop the pass then blitz all out in the 2nd period.  He really wants this to be a UT stern chase i.e. get us down by 10 or more. Conversely its critical Tech score 21 plus the first half and make Mr. Ash and  then Mr. McCoy throw. A whole lot.

Tommy can’t lose his nerve. You know what I mean no retreat,  no protecting a lead, no excuses, no sniveling he’s got to take some serious risks.  4th and 3 from the 50 yard and go for it. Or Punt and make Ash and the longhorns march 91 yards for FG. Attempt.  Which the Raiders block! When Eugene Neboh launches himself from 3 yards out. Some special team’s trickery is in the offing.. feel your inner gambler MR. Tuberville Feeel it .

Russian Coffee is all in. I posted earlier that I felt he would need to blitz on every play and I still feel like they are going to have sell out the first period on run blitzes to halt the Horns 2 or 3 times. It would not bother me if J. Tucker their way cool punter kicker has to get on the field more than say 8 or 9 times. For UT punts. Only.  I only ask that we hem them in and give the ball back to Seth Doege and crew. Late in the game perhaps we play soft when we have that all important 10 point lead and Texas has to pass to try and make up ground.

No one loves an also ran (or at least they get no press)and no votes in the top 25. I am tired of being mired in the top of the bottom of a 10 team league we want some street cred and Austin is where we can get some.

Raiders better travel early on Friday because Tech teams have sucked at early games. Colorado 2007; Mizzou 2005; Cotton Bowl 2006; Ticket city Bowl 2011. I don’t want this to bad trend  to continue, no sucking in the morning just get after these folks.  Eggs and ass whippings served up. Make someone wish they were second string. End this morning putridness coach this game, bury it. In Austin.

The fact is Austin harbors criminal run aways from Libya. Its true CNN said so. That being said We need Sonny Cumbie to whip these guys into frenzy with some cheap shot revelry like: Remember Jarret Hicks knocked out of the game in 2006, remember Graham Harrell in 2007, remember Helmet to helmet with criminal boy Kindle (who can't drive and text) on Taylor Potts. They are shit birds and deserve a whoopin. Yarrggghhh!

The coaches should not worry about motivation  and can’t miss the opportunity to  get them motivated for a grudge match. This is a worry but really how does any Tech grad not get fired up for a brawl with the orange blooded snoot noses? I think the team is fired up to slap the snot out of the entitled ones. Maybe we even push over that neutered steer they use as a mascot. Maybe. Emotion and fire and zeal. Just be the most excited to play in front of 102,000 screaming fans and run them out of their house for change. I don’t want that imitation cannon to bark even once.




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