Aggy Farewell to the Big 12- Setting their record straight

Growing up in a Sooner household and attending Texas Tech, it is in my DNA to dislike anything burnt orange...however, there have been 3 times in my life that I actually rooted for the Horns...first, in 1984 some buddies of mine invited me to tag along to the Cotton Bowl Classic where the undefeated Longhorns were taking on Georgia. Only because I was surrounded by my Texas friends and since I am from Texas, I actually cheered for the 3 Texas field goals that day. Don't worry I never gave the hook 'em sign or sang the fight song. The Horns were leading 9-3 late in the fourth when Texas' Craig Curry muffed a punt deep in their territory allowing Georgia to steal a 10-9 victory and costing Texas a national title...after the game, on the way to the car, I was kind of snickering under my breath.

The second time I actually rooted for the Longhorns was more recently when Texas, and Vince Young, were taking on the Wool Sweaters in the 2005 MNC game at the Rose Bowl. I had the game on while I was doing some things around the house. I do admit as the game developed I became so absorbed by it that I was actually standing in front of the tv yelling for the Longhorns...fortunately, I was by myself and nobody acutally saw me do it. If a tree falls in the forest....? I am a huge sports fan and, at that time, that was absolutely the best sporting event I had ever seen on the tube. (However,since then I have watched the Mavericks win game 6 of the 2011 NBA Finals against the Heat and the Rangers beat the Yankees in game 6 of the 2010 ALCS to go to their first World Series. Now, of course, topping my list is undefeated Texas Tech beating #1 Texas at the Jones in 2008)

This brings me to the present. I will also reluctantly admit that on Thanksgiving night this week, when Justin Tucker of the Longhorns was lining up for the winning field goal against aggy, I was screaming at the top of my lungs "Please, make it, please make it!". I was still arguing with my brother-in- law about the helmet to helmet contact call a few plays earlier (btw that was a good call and listening to Craig James whine about what a bad call it was against the aggy made me want to hurl my pumpkin pie). I was elated as the 40 yarder sailed through those uprights as time expired and a sea of Horns rushed the field. Then I composed myself and realized what I had done. But it was too late. My whole family had seen me cheer for the Horns. But, it was at that very same moment I realized that the entire history of aggy Big 12 football was a total FAIL and will be for eternity. Was there a more permanent way to highlight aggy's history in the Big 12 and to send the ice cream men and all those pretend soldiers packing on their way to the SEC than Thursday's game? For that I thank you Texas for doing it with indelible ink...and I cheer for you

Since Carl Grulich broke Tech qb Rodney Allison's leg on a late hit back in 1977 I have loathed everything aggy. I could go on and on about all the cultish 'traditions' at Texas A&M but those are all well documented. Just read Barking Carnival or BON this week and you can get my drift and be quite amused. Aggy's are the most narcissistic, self absorbed group of people that I know. In studying narcissism, the disorder is indicated by the subject exhibiting at least 5 of the following 9 traits...

1. An exaggerated sense of importance

2. Preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance or beauty

3. Believes he is special and can only be understood by other special people or institutions.

4. Requires excessive admiration

5. Has a sense of entitlement

6. Selfishly takes advantage of others to achieve his own ends

7. Lacks empathy

8. Is often envious of others and believes others are envious of him

9. Shows arrogant, haughty, patronizing or contemptuous behavior or attitudes

Well that pretty much qualifies aggy on ALL counts. As our very own ForestFlyer stated right here on DTN, "I have never seen any single entity more bound and determined to meet the characterizations of their own shameful, embarassing stereotype". To this day this is my favorite post on DTN.

The purpose of this post is to combat aggy's continuous pumping of sunshine when it comes to their football program. Its "preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success..." will be addressed. I want to illustrate to all who come across DTN exactly how aggy performed in football while members of the Big 12. This is public record and will serve as reminder to those who think aggy actually did something in the Big 12. Beergut will not be able to dispute it, argue it or delete it. It will forever be etched in stone on DTN and recorded at the courthouse. Next time an aggy talks about what a great football program and storied past they have just use this post as a point of reference. So here are some facts:


Since the formation of the Big 12 in 1995 aggy overall record in football is 112-86. That is a .566 winning percentage. Not too bad, you say. Well, that ranks 8th out of all Big 12 schools ahead of only Colorado, Kansas, Iowa St. and Baylor. Moving forward the rank may change but the record never will.


What makes the overall record even less impressive was aggy's non conference schedule over that period of time. OOC games, since 1995, included Sam Houston St., North Texas (3 times), UTEP, McNeese St., Wyoming (3 times), Texas St., Lousiana-Lafayette (4 times), Citadel, Louisiana-Monroe, Montana St., Arkansas St.(2 times), Alabama-Birmingham, Utah St., New Mexico (2 times), Florida International, Louisiana Tech (4 times), SMU (2 times), Idaho and last but not least, Stephen F. Austin. That's right, Stephen F. Austin. Aggy managed a 31-2 record against these teams. Can you say 'pad your record'? Aggy did manage epic meltdowns against Louisiana-Lafayette in 1996 and Arkansas St. in 2008. Remove this Class 5-A district schedule from the record and aggy stares at an 81-84 (.491) record during the Big 12 era. Nice...

Surely, aggy must have had some games with better competition, right? Yes,they did. OOC games against 'name' programs during the Big 12 era(including bowl games) included BYU, Florida St., UCLA, Ohio St., Penn St.(2 times), Mississippi St., Notre Dame (2 times), Virginia Tech (2 times), Utah (2 times), Clemson (2 times), Tennessee, Miami (2 times), Georgia, LSU, Arkansas (2 times) and Pittsburgh (2 times). Are you ready for this? Aggy's overall record against these schools was a resounding 4-21 (.160)...that's right, 4-21! (including 0-6 against the SEC-just thought I would throw that in there). Hardly a reflection of an elite football program. 'Signature' wins for aggy during the Big 12 era included a 24-3 over Notre Dame in 2001, a 14-12 win over Pitt in 2002, a 28-26 victory over Utah in 2003, a 27-6 win over Clemson in 2004, wins over Army in 2006 and 2008 and who could forget that big win over Fresno St. 47-45 in 2007. That is all I could find, really...


Well, what about Big 12 Conference play? Surely, aggy, who annually boasts of a Top-10 national recruiting class faired better against its conference foes, right? Aggy's all-time Big 12 conference record is, and will forever be, a pedestrian 68-61 (.527) Aggy was truly middle of the pack ranked number 6, however they were just percentage points ahead of Oklahoma St. and Missouri for the 8th slot. Barely over .500...truly amazing..

The following is aggy's head to head record with every Big 12 school: Baylor (14-2), Oklahoma St. (10-6 but losses in last 4 meetings), Kansas (7-1), Iowa St(7-1), Kansas St. (5-5 including a 36-33 win in the 1998 Big 12 CG, I will give them that), Missouri (3-5), Colorado (3-5), Nebraska (3-5), Texas Tech (6-10 but salvaged wins in the final 3 meetings, unfortunately), Oklahoma (5-11) and Texas (5-11). Texas A&M had a losing record against every team in the conference except lowly Baylor, Kansas and Iowa St. (they tied with Kansas St.) If you disregard the lopsided series with Baylor, aggy's overall conference record against all others in the Big 12 era would be 54-59 (.478). As a side note, prior to 2010 Baylor had only won 4 South Division games in the history of the Big 12. Two of those wins were against aggy.


Talking to an aggy you would think that there is some kind of bowl game tradition at their fine institution. Well, bowl game success has been rather lacking at a&m. During the Big 12 era aggy has gone to 10 bowl games. That's pretty good, some would say. However, of those 10 bowl games they have actually finished their season with a win just ONE time. Their bowl record is 1-9 (.100)...let me repeat that 1-9! That one victory was an epic battle with TCU in the Bowl in 2001 which aggy won 28-9. Aggy's 9 bowl losses are the most in college football during this period of time. To be fair and balanced aggy did win the Big 12 CG in 1998 over Kansas St.36-33. However, aggy could not follow up as they lost in the Sugar Bowl to Ohio St. while representing the Big 12. Aggy is ranked next to last in bowl victories above only Baylor's (0-1) record. Heck, even Iowa St and Kansas have had 3 bowl wins during the Big 12 era. In addition, Colorado, Missouri, Oklahoma St. and Kansas St. all have 4 bowl wins. Oklahoma has 6, Texas Tech has 7 and Nebraska and Texas both have 8 bowl wins during the Big 12 era. I am really not piling on when I add that since the turn of the century aggy has failed to qualify for a bowl 4 times and as they currently sit at 6-6 they may be headed for the grand daddy of them all, the Pinstripe Bowl.


So, aggy wins 9 games in 2010 for the first time since 2006 and only the 4th time in the Big 12 era and the entire universe has aggy a pre-season Top 10 (#8 in AP). At the same time aggy flirtation with HeeHaw starts to come to fruition. Aggy wins their first 2 games against stalwarts SMU and Idaho...they are thinking that this could be their year and decide to move to the SEC. Beergut even explained on how if the cards all fell right they could run the table and win the MNC. There's that "preoccupation with fantasies of unlimited success" again...then Oklahoma St. happened...blew a double digit second half lead. Then Arkansas happened...blew a double digit second half lead. Then Missouri happened...blew a double digit second half lead. Then Oklahoma just happened. Then Kansas St. happened...blew a double digit second half lead and lose in OT after Sherm decides to kick a field goal on the road in the 4th OT. Then aggy had to beat Kansas just to become bowl eligible because the pressure would have been too much to beat Texas just to get to a bowl. Then Texas happened...blew a 9 point second half lead at home to a team with 2 freshmen quarterbacks and no running backs. Some things never change. Aggy checks in at 6-6 and unranked. Big 12 Farewell Tour...FAIL!


Aggy has decided move on to the SEC. It is my belief that aggy made this move because they basically could not hang in the Big 12. The numbers do not lie. Aggy's participation in Big 12 football has been a total FAIL. Can you say "Uncle"?...If they stayed in the Big 12 it would have taken them decades to break even. I think they have been looking for an excuse to bolt for some time. The LHN thing was just the perfect excuse. Do you think for a minute that if aggy had run off a string of conference championships and BCS bowl 'wins' that they would be looking for a new conference? I doubt it.

Aggy is now irrelevant in the state of Texas. As of right now they do not have one single in-state rival. Hopefully it stays that way. I hope DeLoss and Baylor do not cave. I personally hope that Texas Tech never plays aggy again, ever. Their superiority complex to Tech, I believe, is one of the many reasons they were looking for a new conference. Their narcissism could not handle getting your ass handed to you by YOUR little brother 62.5% of the time especially at home. Their move to the SEC will now protect that slight edge they have over Tech in the all-time series. I predict aggy will "duck" Tech from here on out. Anyway, I don't think I could get any more satisfaction than I have already received after Tech's domination of aggy over the last 2 decades.

Good luck to aggy and Mizzou as the new doormats in the SEC. Kentucky and Mississippi St. just moved up the food chain. If past performance in the Big 12 is any indication aggy will never sniff an SEC championship much less a division title. It is now Alabama, LSU, Florida, Georgia, Arkansas and Tennessee's turn to toy with aggy. Hell, even Missouri is likely to continue their mastery over aggy in the SEC. The Big 12 is done with aggy. Go pump your sunshine somewhere else. Thank you SEC for taking them off our hands.

As of this post I am officially banning myself from or I will not even be the least bit tempted to click on. I do not care what happens in aggieland and that is too bad. My interest in the SEC is no more or less than it was before aggy joined up. I just do not care anymore. Anyway, We've got our own set of problems here at Tech.

But as I give my parting shot to aggy I just wanted to set their record in the Big 12 straight. Starting now that dismal record will never change.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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