The Blackbeard Manifesto

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I have been a fan of Texas Tech football since I was a little kid. My father played for Tech in the late 30’s and early 40’s. I saw my first game in person in 1965 when I watched Donny Anderson vs. Walt Garrison. I graduated from Tech in 1977. During my college years I was witness to Joe Barnes, Tommy Duniven, Billy Taylor, Larry Issac, Ecomet Burley, and Andre Tillman among others. My first year at Tech, Coach Carlen amassed a record of 11-1 losing only to ut 28-12. My senior year Steve Sloan went 10-2, losing only to UofH in conference and losing the bowl. My years at Tech saw us beat ut 50% of the time, aTm 50% of the time and okstate 2 out of 3 times.

During what I call the lean years, I was forced to live in Mobilehoma and rarely got to see Tech games. Looking back I figure that was best. For your youngsters, this was a time before the internet, before espnis, and before cellphones. I was, however, able to go to one game in person in Fayetteville where I saw a magnificent game played by Gabe Rivera.

Upon my return to Texas in 1988, I immediately purchased season tickets on the 50 yard line on the east side. I had tried the west, but quickly found out that "one did not show emotion on this side". Give me the rowdy east side every time. Since 1988, I have never missed a home game except for the Nevada game this year while I was in the hospital. Having seen a number of Spike’s games, I was very excited to see the young guy from OU come in as our new head coach. His first season reminded me of an Asian fire drill (my attempt at PC). What an exciting time, what fun it was to see guys flying all around the field. As Mike Leach’s teams progressed I told myself that I was witnessing something very special. Mike was a rebel, in innovator, an entertainer. His quick wit and intellectual prowess kept me guessing, but never bored me. For the first time in a long time it was fun to be a Red Raider again.

I bore you all with this to let you know that Red Raider football is in my blood and I have witnessed football greatness from this University on more than one occasion.

Look, I would love for Tech to play and win a National Championship, but for me winning, competing, getting close is OK. Sure it would be great to beat OU, ut, atm all in the same season, but I can handle beating two out of three. WHAT I CANNOT STAND, WILL NOT TOLERATE, SICKENS ME AND BY THE WAY REALLY PISSES ME OFF is having a head football coach with a give a shit, woe is me, impassionate, what the fuck I’m just renting here anyway attitude.

I am currently 56 years old. I do not respect hance and his condescending, sunshine pumping speechifying , myers and his "if you don’t have money I can’t see you" attitude, or tubs and his "I’ll come into the stands" tough guy bullshit. I’m not certain if any of the above can read, but on the outside chance that someone reads it to them, hear this:

I care about this university and its sports programs. I care about this university and its reputation. I am not in charge of anything related to the university other than my own attendance. That being said, if you want to make changes to the coaching staffs, do it. Just come out and say, we don’t like the way the program is headed and we are going to make a change. Had you done this with Leach, I would not have liked it but I could have accepted it. Remember it was you fuckers that renewed/extended Mike’s contract.

And Mr. Tuberville, if you want to make changes, do it. Don’t come in here and blow smoke up my ass about how the offense won’t change and that you are a defensive genius and you’re gonna build championships. If you want to make this into an SEC type team…go for it, but let me know so I can get tickets for UofH or some other fun team to watch. Baseball is intriguing when a pitcher’s duel results in a 1-0 game. In football not so much……….remember, chicks dig the long ball.

And hance, I know you were absent the day they taught math, but what part of not EVER beating ut, ok state, ISU or aTm is more than 20 percent. FUCK ME RUNNING.

As many of you know, I have had to step away from DTN for a brief period as I found myself coming close to pissing Seth off and getting myself banned. I guess I have a little too much passion and far too small a vocabulary. Stepping back was good, but I miss all things Tech and all things DTN. You all are very special. Those of you whom I have met have a special place in my heart. Those of you that I have only met on here I look forward to meeting in person someday.

So all this bullshit rambling aside: 1. I don’t care if we win everything, but I want us to be competitive 2. Never, ever give up ….even if we are down by 25 with 30 seconds in the half. 3. DO NOT TRY TO BULLSHIT ME 4. Cold, free, wet beer is best, but just free is ok too 5. AMERICA is still the land of the free and the home of the brave as long as I have bullets 6. Basketball is getting fun again 7. Just pay Mike Leach and tell him you are sorry 8. Strive for Honor – admit you fucked up 9. No more drugstore cowboy movies pregame and acknowledge the Mike Leach coached here 10. Long live the Matador.

I’m back bitches………………… with it.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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