10 things to worry about against the evil empire known as the Sooner Nation


It’s  called home field advantage as my esteemed Tech HoH associate  Big Don pointed out  "that’s the shittiest, meanest and sorriest ass place on the planet to play"… "that's why  I hated playing there.." meaning Gaylord Family Memorial Stadium in Norman, Oklahoma. Where they play on Owen field. We will have less than 10,000 fans out of 82,112 seats available.  So it’s a true home field advantage and these ain’t Nebraska friendly folk neither.


Stoops talks Tech

B. Stoops usually has an enforcer (read thug) on his team – sometimes 2 of them  ie D.J. Wolf, P. Loadholt or that cretin DB from 2008 beat down (who doesn’t get named)  et al.. so escaping the confines without at least one major injury is tenuous at best.   I despise this hockey dude, ass raper thing that Brent Venables cultivates. Do#$he. Bag. But an effective d bag none the less … 

Texas Tech Red Raiders stats


In order to become the third  team which has won up there since Stoops started coaching a trifecta of events must be achieved.   A. Tech must Rush for 100 yards. On 20 plus RB carries.  B. Keep Seth Doege upright.  > 1 sacks allowed. Hurries, rollouts, QB scrambles yes.  Sacks no.  C. Disable the Sooner run game for less than 150 yards. I like our chances better on a pass play than some damned reach block going for 7 yards a pop. Sigh.

Big plays, explosive plays  of 20 yards or more gained.  Raiders need to engineer one per quarter. Do that and you can keep the OU offense sort of off the field.  Or at least put them into a stern chase. Just for starters I’d like to see a game in 2011 where we don’t trail going into the 4th period at all.

Pass break ups and sacks inflicted. Lots. 2 per quarter should do it.  I don’t know what kind of D line stunts or  run blitzes it’s going to take. But my guess is its going to take a plethora.  Landry Jones is a hoss and a stud. So if he’s allowed to hang around and look at the # 3 OU receiver it’s really bad news.  DE’s Scott Smith, Dartwan Bush and Leon Mackey they along with DT’s  Kerry Hyder,  Chris Perry  and Lawrence Rumph need a very fine performance  and several knock downs , take downs and tips. L. Jones is not superman, but he’s got great O linemen and he’s hasn’t been pressured all season. This is the weekend to do it. Raiders need a superlative front  4 play for every single snap of this 75 - 80 snap Sooner event.

Take a few chances Russian Coffee. But keep the Safety at home. The sellout stunt, corner fire or LB blitz is okay but to tell you the truth that late rushing DE that Ruff McNeilll put in 2009 is good enough. They haven’t seen it and Scott Smith is tall enough to take away that middle throwing lane. Worth a shot. Dude.

I now believe the Raiders can execute an onside kick so can we please get a kick off reverse or throw off FG set into the mix? Last time Tech faced these thugs from Norman,  Detron Lewis threw a halfback – wildcat pass. They will remember it and BTW most of their skill defensive positions are faster than our positions on offense. If you are going to trickerize them, then get it in early in the game. Doing it when down by 2 scores only lengthens the odds.   And the Sooner goon squad just takes big chances to break it up.

If we have an opportunity to go for it on 4th down for God’s sake Coach Neal Brown throw it over the middle to a receiver. This is not game where FG’s in the second half are helpful ..look odds are we are going keep it a one score affair or get trounced by 21 plus.  Oh and I hope all you odds makers from Las Vegas lose your collective butts betting on this one. OU is not going to put in their second string at all. They know Tech is overdue for some success and they know Tech hates their guts.

Kick coverage, suicide runs,  knock the ball loose, create mayhem.  Tech needs some engineered luck here on kick coverage. Pull a  rabbit out of your hat Tubs  someone knock a return man silly, get a ball on the ground for a  dose of good fortune.  For pity’s sake fall on it. No scoop drill. Just get it in your belly ! (like Mini Me and Fat Bastard..) Nobody drift out of your lane on punts either.

I feel like the Tech  offense can run the legs off the front 7 of the Sooners, they look a bit  heavy to me or at least that’s my hope . A few too many steak dinners right? Big, fat and fast is just too much of an advantage. Isn’t  it?

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