What has gone right in year 2 of the new guy.

Because I am a "credit where it is due" kind of guy:

Strength and conditioning: I remember last year, this year is much better. Now, it seems the team is in "football-playing" shape - for the most part. In reality, the Aggies showed us that- either the team isn't quite in championship shape yet, or that strength and conditioning only gets you so far. My Conclusion: The crisis is over but the job is not finished. Perhaps there are diminishing returns, here- so maybe the priorities are in order and correct. Prevents a few injuries, too. 

Speed: Last year NASCAR was a bad joke. This year, that is not always the case. We have moments of speed and sometimes even adhere to the accuracy and gracefulness required to pull it off. We know it's worth something if the Aggies start faking injuries. My conclusion:  I can see that it is promising, but I can't see the reality and purpose yet. If the other team starts dropping like flies it has limited value. Tubs is starting to make good on the promise, but I don't see that we will get much traction out of it. A mixed bag, and often a disappointment.

New Defensive Regime:  Moving in the right direction. Looks great on paper, even if the execution is lacking. I might want to see a little more innovation, and a deeper playbook, but the basic plan seems to be correct.  My Conclusion: Stick to the plan, but be willing to find a way to execute it. I would be very surprised if there is a dramatic improvement this far through the year. This is probably the only place I am willing to give a pass regarding "rebuilding" and other such nonsense, because this is the first year of that. I still expect to get irritated with it further this year, but the concept isn't wrong, so far. 

New players: I like it! I like getting the young guys out on the field as much as possible. It's a great tool for recruiting, and experience is nearly priceless each step we take into the future. As time goes on this sort of a plan will get less and less painful. My conclusion: This is probably the thing that has pleased me the most about Tubs. I wish we could get some more quarterbacks in there so long as the o-line is doing okay and there isn't a dramatic chance they would get hurt. I don't always agree with the establishment guy for the sake of the establishment guy and each game this year we have had moments where we needed a different dynamic in there badly.


Absent from this list:  Contrived traditions, neglected air raid,  all the stuff we already know about. I still expect a below-average season, sadly.

And a few fresh ideas:

Goin' Band that is in need of a renaissance (because they shouldn't be a generic college band that is "just kinda there.") Seems they have kinda fallen by the wayside, and they are much better than that.


Need to do a bit more promoting other sports during gametime (home games at least!) If their time permits, have coach Curry and a few lady raiders out there in uniform wandering around, handing out flyers and signing a few autographs.  I would have expected this was going on, but haven't really seen it, even though it would only make sense. Ditto for the golf team, (donors in box seats probably play golf), men's basketball, track and especially baseball - they need to plug that new facility! This kind of stuff would only make sense, but really it's been fairly quiet there for things you would expect to be going on.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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