Defense - Or we ain't got none.......

I don't know about the rest of the fanbase, but I'm glad this dumpster fire of a season is finally over. Sure we had some high points, but we continuosly tripped over the barstool in front of the pretty girl, always looking like a drunk idiot. We can discuss the offense later on. But right now I'd like to dive into the defense / that thing we didn't have / we suck at.

Having a coach like Tuberville at the helm had me a little excited about the defense going into the 2010 season. One would think that a defensive minded coach like him would field a pretty good defense. I couldn't have been more wrong. Willis failed to field anything worth not screaming about. As far as the rest of the defensive coaches..... well you saw what happened all year. We landed damn near last as far as defenses are concerned. We sucked, plain and simple.

Alas, we've been given a fresh chance to start over and try something else. With the departure of James Willis to nowhere and DB Coach Travaris Robinson to Florida, we have some shoes to fill. Hell, we've obviously had some shoes to fill since they were here. They're gone and I'll leave it at that.

I think the 3-4 experiment was a supreme failure. Now that it's all said and done, the 4-3 that was used previously by Coach Ruffin McNeil seemed to work far better than it's replacement. Before I go to far I'd like to clarify that I like the idea of a 3-4 if we had the personel and players to run it. We did not and do not have such a thing(s).

For the past few days, like many of you, I've wondered who is going to be our DC and what specific scheme are we going to run on defense? I'd like to leave the 3-4 in it's current resting place and never speak of it again. Kinda like that crazy ex you might have had back in the day, or currently. Some of you might have married that person and this particular FanPost might not be for you. Just kidding. 

Now that we've established our disdain for the 3-4, what are our options? You all know that what we decide reflects the decision Coach Tuberville makes. He reads this blog. No, no he doesn't, but I like to think he does. Should we go back to a 4-3 and a bend don't break style? I'll admit I was kind of liking the attack style when it worked all 4 times during the season, it was gnarly. Alright, I'll never use that word again. I learned it from Damien. Here is what happened and when it happened for me. I was drinking beer in the garage the other night working on a bike and semi watching the TCU game. TCU had just kicked off and were about to put their defense on the field. I'd meant to watch these guys sometime during the season to catch a glimpse of the 4-2-5, but never had. That's actually a lie. I know some TCU alums and I can't begin to describe how much I can't stand them, so I don't like their football team by proxy, therefore causing me to NOT watch anything they do intentionally. I probably won't even watch the game against them next season because of this. Anyway, 4-2-5 is on the field and doing a really good job of defending things, so I'm told, because I wasn't watching.

Alright, I was watching. I was amazed. I tried to figure out how it worked and what made it operate the way it did. I started wondering about different scenarios I would have thrown at them. One scenario being run the ball off tackle or up the gut. If our offensive line could get a little movement, or RB's would be gone. Then Wisconsin ran the ball. TCU went from a 4-2-5 into some sort of 4-3-4 and not only stopped the run but caused a loss. I watched TCU run a few different fronts but never leaving the base of a 4-2-5. This worked out great for TCU, but not so much Wisconsin. I immediatley called SARR to see if he had been watching the game, but his dog answered the phone. Let's study the 4-2-5 a little bit and see if we currently have the personel to put this together.

TCU 4-2-5

Quincy University Attacking 4-2-5

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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