Former Texas QB's Vs Former Tech QB's

Who was, and is more successful?

Talking to a friend of mine over the weekend who is UT grad, hes a great guy, but has the longhorn superiority complex like you wouldnt believe. Anyway, he hit me with whole " Our QB's are/were more succesful during and after their careers and knocked Leach's ability to put players in the NFL and cracked jokes about them all sacking groceries or working at Long John Silvers. So we did a little comparison and facts always win over ignorance. So lets compare the last 5 former QB's for Both Teams-


Major Applewhite-

During College-Won some big games, but not really a superstar. Set and smashed a lot of schoo records, but really nothing significant award wise. Didnt make it out of training camp with the Patriots. Biggest accomplishment was the Holiday Bowl win over Washington, and that was a great game. Won the Holiday Bowl. Dont know the rest of his bowl history.

After-No pro career at all, and is currently the co-offensive coordinator at Texas. Has had some success and will be a fine coach someday im sure, but is still learning the ropes. Hes got a bright future none the less, and a quality guy.

Chris Simms-

During College-Defacto 2 year starter, good, solid college QB but really didnt win any big games. NO BCS bowls, no conference or national records, just some school records set and/or broken. He and Applewhite both have the distinction of losing to Tech in Lubbock shootouts. He got toally clobbered against OU and never beat them. No big time national awards or anything of that nature. Lost the Holiday Bowl once, Won the Cotton.

After-Was a starter, but I have a feeling that his entitled attitude got him benched in Tampa and pretty much ruined his chances of ever being a starter again. Give him props, hes still in the league as backup, but again, he had one good year with Tampa, and really not much else to show for afterwards. Probably a career back-up for the rest of his time in the NFL. Oh yeah, and recently had Possession of Marijuana charges filed against him. Wonder what Phil will do to get that taken care of?

Chance Mock-

During College-Complete and toal bust in college, IMHO. He did one thing though, he led a drive against us in the 2003 game that our terrible defense basically gave him the game due to that. After the 2003 season, he read the writing on the wall and stayed as a back up to Vince Young and that was all she wrote. Lost the Holiday Bowl.

After-Didnt get to the draft, not even a free agent contract of rookie camp. He runs an investment firm that has been the subject of some ridicule. But I gotta say, I thought Mock was a overall a cool cat and played the hand he was dealt very well.

Vince Young-

During College- Yeah yeah yeah. Beat us up twice. Won 2 BCS games and a national title. Seriously might have been the best college player I ever saw play. VY was a college great, and for all intents and purposes has a legitimate beef with the Heisman people. He slayed the mighty ESPN Trojans, and his run to win it was one for the ages. Won the Maxwell, O'Brein, Manning and Griffin awards.

After college- Basically handed the starting job on a silver platter. But we came to see what a narcissist he is by his recent behavior. Had some success believe he has God-given talent, but his attitude and playing like a glorified scat back has really held him back. Professionally the most successful UT QB gone pro, but thats not saying that much. Personally, I dont think hes worth much. He needs a serious attitude adjustment. And maybe a few sessions at the Sylvan Learning Center.

Colt McCoy-

During College-When you have 4 years as a starter at UT, surrounded by Blue Chippers and pick of the litter and top pedigree all around you, you will have success. McCoy was without a doubt a guy you loved to hate. Against us, he always played well, and every game was a scorefest. He had 2 good seasons, and 2 great seasons, won the Alamo, Holiday, and Fiesta and lost the BCS title game. Set a lot of records for Texas., won a lot of awards on the college level. Easily Texas's most decorated QB, even more decorated than VY. Young had more talent, but McCoy had 4 full years as a starter uncontested. Gotta give him props for that. Great college player.

After College-Jury's still out on him as an NFL player, but he won some games and started some. He will probably be a decent to pretty good player. And as an Individual, he is a solid as they come.


Texas Tech

Kliff Kingsbury-

During College-Where do I start? A true trend setter for the spread offense, beat OU and Texas, won the Sammy Baugh Trophy, set and smashed school, Big 12 and national records racked in tons of awards and garnered all conference honors and topped it off with a whacking of Clemson at the Tangerine Bowl. Kliff was the embodiment of what Mike Leach did for Tech, taking a skinny kid with an ok arm and turning him into a decorated college superstar. Led us to 3 bowl births and 3 winning seaons. Lost the Alamo and bowl and won the Tangerine bowl, and had we not had another epic meltdown in Norman, would have won the Big 12 south in 2002. Academic all american also.

After- NFL journeyman for the most part, played in some pre-seaons games, won a Ring with the Pats as the back up to Tom Brady, started a couple of games for the Jets, played in NFL Europe and the CFL. So a lot of pro experience. Now he is the co-offensive coordinator for Houston and they had a bum season, but with Keenum probably getting the med redshirt, look for UH to be a giant killer again next year.

BJ Symons-

During College-One season was all it took to make Symons a record setting stud. 5,833 yards, 52 TD passes in one year. Symons went head to head with Eli Manning and won in Oxford. Should have beaten Texas and a Les Miles led OSU had the defense not given those games away. Put on clinics against TAMU, Ole Miss and NC State. Won the Houston Bowl, led an 8-5 team with a TERRIBLE defense but an awesome offense. 2nd team all Big 12, Heisman Candidate, Sammy Baugh Trophy Winner and won other awards.

After- Played for the NFL, NFL Europe and the CFL. He never really got over his knee and I think that got in his way. Tried to make it, but he played some games in all 3 leagues. After football, last heard he was doing something in the Brokerage business.

Sonny Cumbie

During College-Went a from a walk on from Snyder to become the man that handed Nebraska their worst loss ever, scored 70 twice in one season against legit opponents, and led Tech to a Holiday Bowl win over a top 5 team. Led the nation in passing. The win against Cal had to be the Highlight of the year, no individual awards.

After- Went to the Colt's camp, but got cut. Joined the arena league and became a stud. That offense was more condusive to Sonny's strenghts. LA fans LOVED him. I dated a girl from that area and he acheived near folk hero status on that level and won Rookie of the year I believe. Now we all know he is trying to keep the Air Raid alive in Lubbock. One day Sonny will be a FBS OC. Mark that down. Sonnys also a great guy from all accounts.

Cody Hodges-Won 9 games, led the nation on scoring, total offense, passing, broke Nebraska's homecoming win streak, beat OU, laid two goose eggs against UT and OSU, but got us to the Cotton Bowl, where again the Offense laid a goose egg. But that win is Technically ours now so it all came out in the wash I guess. No Individual wins or Bowl wins. Got some conference honors and player of the week honors.

After- Almost became Vince Young's back-up, but for some reason fell from making an NFL QB to getting cut quick. Played some arena league ball and had some success. But what I am truly proud of more than anything is his work with Rachel's challenge, in honor of the girl that was killed at Colombine High. Cody is a Godly man and loves his family and loves people. God had bigger plans for him than football, never forget his interview after the OU win.

Graham Harrell-

During College-3 Year starter, won the Insight and Gator bowl games and MVP awards, and despite losing the Cotton set some records there. Got hosed by not getting an invite to the Heisman, but what do you expect with those uppity types. No one will ever forget 39-33. All Graham did was win games, smash records, slay giants, and make himself a total Tech and Big 12 legend. He was also an Academic All American.

After-  From Cleveland to Regina, Canada to Green Bay, Harrell has finally made his dream come true by getting to the Pros. Third string isnt glamorous, but in less than 2 weeks, he could have a ring. Graham made his college career by overcoming setbacks and adversity, he will make his pro career that way as well.


So In conclusion Lets put up some final stats-


                                                                    Tech                             Texas

QB's Graduated                                         5                                     4

QB's that singed with

NFL teams.                                                5                                     3

QB's in the League                                  1                                     3

QB's that have Superbowl Rings          1                                     0

QB's that are Coaches                           2                                     1                                                          

Individual Award Winners                      4                                     3

QB's in Legal Trouble                            0                                     2

Bowl Game winners/MVP's                  4                                     4


Finally- UT has one Coach, 3 NFL players (2 backups, one semi-starter) and one Financial advisor.

Tech has 2 Coaches, One NFL Pro, One Philanthropist, and one Broke ifsomeone knows what Symons is up to, please do correct, last i heard he did something in Broker/Dealing)

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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