10 things to look forward to as we head into the balance of the Season

 1. We are telegraphing  the run plays Coach Brown, ditch the 2 x back set,  we don’t have a full back and if the ball is not on the 3 yard line the smallish RB lead blocker won’t matter. BTW putting an extra linemen is also telegraphing. London does magic  The O-line play is 50 % at run blocking. Okay it didn’t get done on 18 Sep 2010. Don’t be surprised if the the scheme changes to put more hands on the ground  plus wider splits.


 2. It’s not bright to let Sticks ride the bench - one series per half

please. He’s like the precision weapon left in the quiver.  You never will know how disruptive it can be unless you expend it.  Trust me 60 extra yards in 3 x plays is demoralizing. Just let the little engine that could rip somebody up. In each game. Remaining on the schedule.

3. Tool kits are for screwing the other team. We have a lot of wrenches and cross tips not too many cordless drills but plenty of good old fashioned screwdrivers. Throw to the wide outs in the middle often please.


4. Special teams are getting it done. It’s time to pile on with few wild and hairy trick plays. Mack pulled the one fake punt on us & we should reciprocate onto our big 12 brethren.  Since we have a lot of extra running backs my calls would be for a kick off reverse or punt return reverse. Simple do one per half and watch the gunners falter as they slow to watch what’s going to happen on all the other kicking plays.


5. Techs Defense is very salty and is scaring people; if you don’t think Iowa State’s offensive coordinator

  is quivering then you didn’t watch the UT game with me. They are. 


6. It’s time to pile on and make the opposition quake.  I’d say Austin Arnaud is going to release the ball very quick or the Raiders will sack him 5 plus times.Cyclones rollHe doesn’t have an NFL caliber O line and it’s going to leave a mark. I asked my brother halfway thru the second period of the UT game " What are we watching here?"  What we were seeing was the emergence of a trend, which is moving towards a discipline and with discipline all things are possible. I don’t think you will ever see another bad loss due to the defense as long as Coach Willis is here in Lubbock. I thought the young secondary was going to get burned taking chances, now I just think the defense is going to pitch two to four shut out games. They are hateful. They are ravaging berserkers and no one In the Big 12 but OU and or possibly ATM/OSU has anything offensively in the tank to match the Raiders defensive 2 x deep.  The Weber State and Houston games might be pretty ugly. Somehow this game against UT has allowed the defenders to turn a corner. It’s going to be good. It’s going to leave a mark.



7. Conditioning is good. Yeah after 22 plays the defense was tired. Not just tired fatigued. But it was pretty cool to watch the men stay in the fight against the blue chippers from Austin. Whatever we are doing for the defense let’s give some of it to the O line they need to get some nasty arm bars going and little hands to the chest with a double nipple twist. Literally I couldn’t care less about technique.


8. What the Raiders offensive linemen need is to hurt a few rushers and put them on their kiesters.  A lot.

If you don’t think the defensive coordinators of 9 remaining teams on the schedule aren’t game planning for a Sticks’ assault then you are drunk. Lay off the Heinekens. Pay attention. He’s a senior and Neal Brown needs to put his butt in the game once a half just to twist the knife around the wound and watch them crap themselves. He has value in that it’s very tough to have the right package in when he comes in. Use him and get an extra TD per half. By the November halfway point the Raiders are going to need some extra votes in the polls. Sticks is easy money. Just time his entrance like the Phantom of the Opera. This is flat ass exciting folks.


9. O line regains its MOJO> look the combo of La. Waddel, L. Edwards,

D. Gallington , C. Olson,  J. Keown,  M. Okafor and T. McDaniel is either going to win the next 10 skirmishes or not. Just because they are indeed the rocket scientist of the football bunch I’m betting they ramp up the motors, listen to Coach Moore and become the 3rd or perhaps even the 2nd best graded crew in the Big 12. Not saying they can’t fall flat just seems to me they have a lot of good blocks left in the tank and of all the units they will benefit the most from the week off and the extra repetition's.  No more than 1 sack allowed for the rest of the season per opponent.  Even in Norman.


10. Running backs what a talented bunch. Where is the production? It’s not going to be denied (eventually) and the reason is sheer grit. There is no more symbiotic group than the RB’s and O linemen they literally make each other look good. As a group the running backs have underachieved. The Iowa state game is an opportunity to reverse that trend. I like the group but schematically it’s just a wash. I’d look for a couple of trap blocks becoming the play of choice in a single back set coupled to the old shovel pass. Like dedfischer said 10 to 15 times a game per back wouldn’t be bad.


Bonus. 11. Rant based on my scientific polling and powers of observation the crowd factor is going to continue: The Cotton Bowl- vs Baylor, the Mizzou, OSU  Houston and Weber state games  will be in the 120 decibel range.  Fear not dear Raiders the crater will rock. All home games will be sold out and terminally noisy.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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