Okay, let us look at this carefully.

I posted this bit on jdhud's "Let us all take a deep breath". It is on my mind and I would like to ensure it is said where everyone has a chance to see my take on the football program as we now see it transpiring. I am not looking for anything but to get my feeling out there. I am sure everyone has some feelings about all of this. I hope it is not offensive to anyone. Understand, too, that I really want the present coaches to lead Tech to a championship, be it Big-12 (-2) or the National Championship. After this past week, I am doubtful. I hope I am wrong.


"We all know that over the last ten years the football game being played by our Red Raiders became more and more exciting. All the while, Coach Leach was learning and improving upon what he felt was best for his offensive planning. He even changed things up on his staff to address a declining defensive performance, making McNeil the DC. McNeil, working with players his predecessor recruited struggled to improve the results on the field. He added some better talent and the next year was better defensively. As the defense got better, the offense continued to excel under the direction of leach, who, without question, is probably the most innovative offensive coach in football….any level.

"Leach constantly coached up his quarterbacks to be among the best in college ball, sometimes having a QB start for only his senior year. But, they were great at operating his version of the Air Raid. Again, the main reason for their success was his uncanny methods of offensive creation. Some have said he had no people skills. I say “BULL!” to that. His players loved playing for him and worked endlessly to up their individual performance to make the offense better.

"Because of one meddlesome parent and an unappreciative AD, administration AND HIGH DOLLAR board members, he became highly motivated to at times look elsewhere for employment. Mike is unique, as we all know, and few teams were willing to deal with that uniqueness. Then he managed to obtain a nice contract that would allow him to continue coaching at Texas Tech for several more years. One problem, as is documented and will surface when his case comes to trial, became a distraction and resulted, eventually in his being fired without receiving his due compensations as was written out on the renewed contract.

"Understand, the Texas Tech football program led by Leach had managed to garner national exposure and interest never before attained, and especially never sustained. Huge additions to the stadium were made necessary for Tech to compete for the talent that now was interested in the program, in numbers never before seen. Oh, Tech has been able to sign top talent in the past, just not as many as they were now signing. The program was on the fast track to the top echelon of college football, all because of Mike Leach. Not Myers. Certainly not Hance or other administrators. Absolutely not because of those on the BOR.

"The hiring of Tommy Tuberville signaled a direction change for the program. The emphasis and uniqueness of the offense was never going to survive this change. The defense, though was going to see wholesale changes. Changes that, I feel, would have been made by McNeil had the coaching not been changed. But these new changes are from the mind of a former SEC coach, like Tuberville, who wants the defense to be faster and more aggressive.

"There is no doubting the changes on defense are starting to show a possible trend towards one of strength we have not seen on that side of the football for over ten years. However, the supposed continuation of the Air Raid (as was promised by Tuberville, remember) seems to have been misunderstood, at best. From an offense capable of putting up astronomical numbers in the passing game, our Red Raiders are now struggling to out gain the opponents, failing to do so this past week in a way that is very disconcerting, to say the least.

"With this decline in offensive capabilities we may be unable to compete at the level we have all become familiar with. Also, the climb to the top echelon of college football seems to have been derailed. While none of us expect to ever see Leach coach Tech again, the excitement and contender status he had gotten the team to seems to be a distant memory.

"As Tech92 described Tuberville as a exhibiting touch stubbornness and arrogance, I thought “WOW! Isn’t that exactly what may have gotten Mike Leach fired?” Even Leach found out that winning cannot save your job if you are stubborn and arrogant. But the one thing he did have that Tuberville may never possess is flamboyance. The kind that gets you and the program noticed….but only if you continue to win, win with excitement, not boredom. And that is where we are, running a boring offense that can’t win against a big-time foe. I hope this regime can come around and do what is needed to regain that excitement. If not, this team may flounder around at or near the bottom of the conference, not the top."

That is it. Thank you.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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