Tortilla Pirate's Post Game Musings


  • Potts:  Looked good, looked confident, looked in control of our offense.  You could see him calmly going through his progressions and dumping off to the back when nothing was there.   The vertical game is gelling nicely as guys (qb&wrs) are getting more comfortable throwing those slants, posts, and deep outs.
  • O-Line:  Pass blocking was there.  It surprised me when Sticks bailed from the pocket so quickly as a perfect pocket was forming, but hey.  He scored.  Its Sticks.  For the most part, I felt that our run blockling improved but has ton more improvement to do.  More on this later.
  • Receivers:  SO MANY LESS dropped passes.  I think I remember Tramain dropping one and Baron dropping one out of the backfield on a screen/swing pass.  That's it.  Yes, the third stringers (ward, mays, etc...) dropped a few, but hey.  Theyre 3rd stringers.
  • Running Backs:  Sigh!!!  Where to start.  Mostly good news, so I will sadly start with the bad news.  Baron looked bad.  Last week, I blamed the O-Line but this week he still looked tentative and lacking explosiveness.  My heart aches.  On the very positive side Eric Stephens, Ben McRoy and even the returned Harrison Jeffers are all producing like madmen.  Stephens is a freakin bottle rocket and Jeffers looked great in the 4th Qtr.  McRabbit continues to show flashes much like Jeffers did last year.  I cant wait till THAT kid gets goin.

Overall Impression?  I know Tubbs wants a commitment to the running game.  Or should I say a commitment to "not abandoning the run game if we get stuffed a few times at the beginning of the game".  and thats good.  BUT.  He needs to be aware as we all are now after watching last nights game if it wasnt clear before...what makes our offense go IS THE SCREEN GAME.  Its not just a platitude when the Pirate Captain said that screens and swings count as handoffs in the Air Raid offense.  I think Offensive Coordinator Young Frankenstein rediscovered this.  Some more of this next week will help a lot.  The screen game continuing to click will help the run and the vertical passing game immensely.



  • Secondary: How can I NOT start with these guys....superior effort once again.  Sure, they continue to let guys get behind them from time to time.  In the long run I feel great about these guys.  To think that the biggest question concerning any of our defensive unit in the spring and summer is now the biggest non-issue.   Cody Davis needs to have a "substantive" chat with Lester Hayes.  That boy couldnt catch a raindrop if he opened his mouth in a hurricane.  Maybe some time with the Lob-ster machine would help.  DJ and Tré are gonna be fine CB's but Jarvis Phillips is gonna be a beast.  He's fast and physical and gonna be around for a long time on our D.
  • Linebackers:  Fehoko and Bird had much better games.  I would say they are almost to where the secondary was LAST week vs the Ponies.  They better get better quick to deal with UT's run game.  Julius Howard made plays all over the field.  He was my LB of the game.
  • D-Line:  Brian Duncan WILL set a Tech record for sacks.  You read it here first.  If he doesnt, it will only be because someone else will tally up 10+.  Frankly Id prefer that, but I cant see WHO it will be.  Langley and RUmph had solid games.  I noticed Myles Wade in for a short spell but didnt really see him produce that much. :(  Scott Smith played VERY well and Hyder has IMO, replaced Barr as his backup.

Special Teams:  WOW.  what can you say? Two blocked punts and 90 yrd return for 21 points.  Nuff said.  Phooey on you Zou.  Bully for Eric Ward.


I am intrigued at Tubs continued statments that we are running "vanilla" O and D.  What do we have in the tank that we havent showed

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