RIP Big 12 and All of our Wonderfull Memories

 Well I guess its official now. Nebraska to the Big 10. Colorado to the PAC-10 and probably the rest of the Big-12 south soon to follow. Of course none of this is official till 2012 and it might not happen unless 9 out of the 12 schools in the Big 12 agree so that there are no tremendous money losses over the next 2 years by any of these schools. But I think its fair to say that this is just a technicality and whats happened has happened. Done. The  Big 12 is through. Time to move on and forget all of our wonderful childhood memories of those classic rivalries of the Big 8. The intimantness of the SWC. How great it was to have the combination of both. Nebraska vs Oklahoma. The Border War between Missouri and Kansas.  I will even miss playing Nebraska even though we have killed them of late. And what will happen to Baylor. They have always been the lovable losers. When you play them its almost a guaranteed win, but every week you wish and hope that they can pull off an upset vs the classic powerhouses in Texas and Oklahoma. But now it appears they have no where to go in this new conference order thatsabout to take shape. And how about your Kansas schools. For K-State the Big 12 is what made them along with the glory days of there football program when Bill Snyder didn't have Alzheimer's. For Kansas there basketball program has become the most consistent in the nation throughout there tenure in the Big 12. But you know what I will miss the most? The conference which made Tech into the consistent winner it is today. Which changed the way America played football by introducing the spread offense. That let a pirate captain grow and become everyones favorite personality. If in 20 years we finally become national champs or if it happens in 1 year, the glory days of us beating Texas with the catch, the 70-10 thrashing we laid down on Nebraska, or maybe even the dominance over A&M will be considered the foundation of what started greatness. It certainly is what enabled us to get this invitation to PAC-10. So now I will name some of my favorite memories from our days in the Big 12 in order of relevance for me.


1. "The Catch"

This was the highpoint for me in our days of Big 12 play. Michael Crabtree said that he saw it happen in a vision before the ball was even snapped. Certainly it was a vision from heaven for me. If we hadn't won this game you very well migh've seen a different team considered for PAC 10 exspansionas this was really a coming out party for all affiliated with Texas Tech.

burning the field by remomber.2. 70-10 Nebraska gets CORNPONED

This was the night that as Tech fans we just said no. No to being second class citizens. To being the whooping boys of the classic powerhouse teams. How sweet the sight of an unnecassary blowout curtesy of the Captain. Nebraska fans still have nightmares about this.

View Image3. Phantom First Down

As a kid watching great Tech teams in the mid 90's I would always complain about how Tech just never seemed to get any breaks. This was our first big break. 4th and 4 with less than a minute remaining and Danny AMENdola makes a first down grab. But he didn't. After watching the replay it was clear that he didn't make it across the first down marker. Couldnt find a pic of it. Oh well sucks to be Oklahoma in this instance


Well there you have it all my favorite moments of our days in the Big 12. Im sure there are many others that I failed to mention so leave them in comments.

RIP BIG-12. Thanks for the memories, and of course national relevance

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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