A Quick Recruiting Review

If you just want the baby without the labor pains, here is your one liner: If you loved last years recruiting class, you will love this one as well.

For the rest of you, here is some data on just how good or bad the 2010 class really is. (For this analysis I used info provided by, and used the past four recruiting classes for comparison)


How did we rank among the other Big 12 Programs?

2007: 9th

2008: 10th

2009: 6th

2010: 7th

Bottom Line Our class ranked nearly the same as last years class within the conference, and substantialy better than 2007, and 2008 classes.

How did we rank vs. the rest of NCAA Div.1?

2007: 52nd

2008: 45th

2009: T33rd

2010: 41st

Bottom Line: We achieved our second highest national ranking in the last four years.

What is the "Star" distribution of our class?

Year      4 Stars      3 Stars      2 Stars or less

2007      1                 17              8

2008      3                 10              3

2009      5                 15              5

2010      5                 15              5

Bottom Line: We have steadily increased the number of 4 star recruits, maintained the number of 3 star recruits, and reduced the number of 2 or less star recruits. Of note is the identical record between 2009 and 2010.

How did we rank by position (using Rivals Rating)?

POS      2007      2008      2009      2010      2010 Rank

QB         5.2          5.7         5.6          5.8          1st

WR        5.6          X            5.8          5.7         T2nd

DB         5.6          5.5         5.7          5.8          1st

LB          X             X            5.7          5.6          2nd

DE         5.7          5.9         5.5          6             1st

DT         5.5          5.8         5.7          5.7          2nd

OL         5.8          5.7         5.8          5.6          4th

RB         5.6          5.8         5.8          5.8          T1st


Avg        5.58        5.72       5.71       5.75        1st

Bottom Line: When you break down the classes by position you see that the 2010 class has the highest rated player at each position more often than not. In addition when you look at the avg. totals for the past four years, 2010's Avg. Rivals rating of 5.75 is the highest in the last 4 years.


Net Net: 2010's is nearly identical to the 2009 class when you compare our rankings in the conference, the star distribution, and break it down by position. By position, the 2010 class is actually superior to any class in the last 4 years, including the 2009 class. What is interesting about that is the circumstances. The 2009 class came on the heels of the greatest season in Tech history, a top 5 BCS ranking, a national televised victory over UT, and on the heels of a contract extension for Leach. The 2010 class comes on the heels of an avgerage 9 win season, and the ugliest coaching change in the country. In the end, this class is at worst on par with previous classes, and that credit goes to Leach and his staff for putting it together. A hat tip to Tubs and his staff for keeping it together, and patching where neccesary. Was 2010 the best recruiting class in tech's history? When compared to just Tech classes, that arguement could be supported by the data. If compared to the rest of the country, it fell a little short. At the end of day, given where we have been, I'll take that.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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