Tech Recruits Brewer and Amaro Shine in Team Wins

Jace Amaro had five catches for 53 yards and a touchdown as the MacArthur Brahmas outran Laredo Alexander 56-20 at the Alamodome in San Antonio.  This sets up a key showdown next week with the Steele Knights.  It will be Amaro against Malcom Brown, the number one running back in the country who is committed to Texas.  So this week its Tech vs. Texas.

Amaro was only targeted six times yesterday, but he made the most out of his opportunities.  Amaro, reminds me a lot of Alex Torres, but bigger, faster, and he has great hands.  What really impressed me the most about Amaro is his ability to block all over the field.  On the first series, he made a key block that allowed their running back to bolt for a long TD run for the Brahmas.

He is all over the field making key blocks. He never quits on a play.  He is a team captain, and he is always first on the field, and he is always the first to applaud the denfese when they come off the field.  I can't wait to see him in Red and Black.  I know it is only high school, and the game will be much faster at the collegiate level, but one thing I have noticed the last couple of games is that he already plays much faster than most of these high school kids.

He made two great grabs yesterday.  On his second catch he took a ball high out of the air and kept both feet inbounds.  On the next play, he made another good catch.  His touch down catch would have made ESPN highlights.  He laid out for a pass that just out of his reach.  He did have one drop yesterday, but I think the pass was deflected.  They could target Amaro every play if they wanted to.

Michael Brewer had another good day for Lake Travis.  Lake Travis raced to a 35-7 halftime lead as Michael Brewer threw for two touchdowns and ran for two more scores in the Alamodome in San Antoinio yesterday.   Brewer finished the game with 13 completions in 21 attempts for 297 yards and also rushed for 66 yards and three TDs.  The Cavaliers defeated Victoria East 59-28.

Brewer looks so calm and confident in the pocket. And he is really accuratte.   His arm strength is really good, and his footwork and vision down the field is scary good.  Brewer leads his team.  Again, yesterday, he was knocked down a few times and that really scares me.  He is tough.  He gets right back up and makes the next play.

The Cavaliers are 11-2 and get a chance to beat unbeaten Cedar Park at 1:30 p.m. Saturday at Royal-Memorial Stadium.   Cedar Park beat Lake Travis 35-21 on Nov. 4 to win the District 25-4A championship.  Brewer and Lake Travis already avenged an earlies loss to Keerville Tivy last week.

I won't be able to go to Austin to see the game and give a Report.  Hopefully Austin Raider can see the game and give us a report.

The futue really looks bright.

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