Lady Raider Basketball | 2010 Season

I love women's basketball.  It is a great game, more finesse than the men's game but not an iota of fragile.

The early years of the Comets were fun with Sheryl Swoopes reminding us of her great years at TTU.

Our Lady Raiders have made sports history like few athletic efforts at TTU have.

On a personal note, my youngest daughter played basketball through high school, and I currently have a grand daughter playing as a junior in high school.  I rarely miss a game.  Watching those ladies play their game, work through their weakness and keep trying, always made me smile.

Our program has seen the result of a coaching change...there is the expected bump.

The current team of 15 girls are a very good looking group of youngsters.  13 are straight in from hs, we have one senior who is a transfer, one sophmore who is a transfer, 2 good juniors...the rest are sophmores and freshmen.

The future of the Lady Raider program is hitting the court  vs Angelo State in Lubbock on the 7th.

Stick with me for the jump and I will give you a low budget view of our guards.

Our roster shows 7 guards, one freshman and 6 sophmores, they are young.  I listed them as I see the depth.

Point Guard

Monique Smalls:  5-6, Soph, 1L:  started at the point all 33 games last season as a true freshman, averaged 35 minutes per game shooting 38% from the field, 58% from the line, 4 assists, 2 steals and 6 points, she plays defense, she runs the offense, she is one of the best point guards in the league.

Casey Morris:  5-9, Soph, 1L:  played 34 games freshman year for University of California averaging about 17 minutes.  A guard with game, 36% from the field, 70% from the line, maybe a rebound or a block, about 2 assists and a steal and 5 points per game.  She sat out last season as a Div1 transfer...we are looking to see her excite the field as a 2nd point or a fine 2.

Lindie Kimbro, 5-8, Soph, 1L:  Redshirted her freshman year with a knee injury (I think).  Last season played 10 games, averaged about 5 minutes playing time.  Lindie was returning to competition and learning to play, 20% from the field, no free throws, a rb, steal or assist here and there, 4 points/game.  A vocal leader / point guard type.  Her best basketball is in front of her.  She was a force in HS, the injury year hurt her game.

I put Morris ahead of Kimbro, I think she is further along, I could have put Chynna Brown here also but I think she is better for the team at the other spot.

2 Guard / Shooting Guard / Other Guard

Christine Hyde: 5-10, Soph, 1L:  played 31 games with 10 starts as a true freshman.  Can bring the ball down but is more of a 2.  Christine caught on to Div1 basketball pretty quickly last season and showed that she has a great up side.  Averaged about 5 minutes per game, 43% from the field, 60% from the line.  She would get a couple of rb's, maybe a steal, or a block, and about 5 points.  Her improvement over the season was capped by a career-high 16 points and tied career-high seven rebounds vs. Houston in first round of WNIT ... had nine points, five rebounds, two assists and a career-high two blocks at Wyoming in second round of WNIT.

Chynna Brown: 5-8, Soph, 1L:  played 32 games with 6 starts as a true freshman.  Can play point but may be more useful as a trouble making 2.  Plays defense, has the ability to score although it was not a strength last season.  Averaged 16 minutes per game, 37% from the field, 50% from the line, was good for a rebound, an asist, and a steal here and there.

Mary Bokenkamp: 5-9, Soph, 1L:  played 29 games as a true freshman, getting about 10 per game.  Shot 42% from the field and hit all 4 of her foul shots.  Good for a rb every 10 minutes, had a sterling high school career in Colorado on teams that won about 90% of their games.  Mary is one to watch.

Antiesha Brown:  5-10, Frosh, HS,  This girl looks to be a player.  She currently is the Clovis High School leading scorer with 1,673 points and all-time leader in steals.  A long jumper and triple jumper in high school that reflects speed and good legs.  I am thinking she can play the point or the 2 with elan.  Looking forward to seeing her on the court, I think she will be an exciting player.

Bokenkamp has some ground to make up and may be passed by Antiesha, who I am clearly excited about...Antiesha and Casey could move over to the three spot if we want to get smaller/quicker. They look like a high motor players who can wreck havoc on the court.

Maybe tomorrow I will give you some thoughts about the biggies....I like them also, we are upgraded big time.

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