What a selective memory we have ...

As I read through some of the comments this morning, I am not so shocked as I am amused by what I read. This is it, this was the game that all the 'Team Leach' fans were waiting for, time to try to blow apart the new coaching staff for losing a game we should have won... Forgetting that Leach's dynasty was marred by 'games we should have won' ...


NC State  51-48 OT

Iowa State 31-17

Colorado 37-13

And this was a team that beat Texas...


NC State 49-21

OK State 51-49

Missery 62-31



OT loss to A&M but it was @ Collie Station, so I won't really count it... but here was a team that rang up 70 on NE and TCU, but still managed to lose 4 games


One of the few years without dropping solid 'should win games', but lost one we should have won against Bama


TCU 12-3

Missery 38-21

Colorado 30-6


Missery 41-10

Colorado 31-26

*Should be noted a crabtree drop in the endzone cost us a win @ stoolwater this year


The glory year, though ....

Ole Miss 47-34


U of H 29-28

A&M 52-30


So as I look at these games I am blown away by the selective memory. Reading Seth's article this morning definitely put things into perspective with the whole Michigan/Rich Rod thing, these changes don't happen over night, you don't change an entire defensive scheme and expect not to have a game or two where the wheels come off. We are 2-2 at this point and the season is hardly lost, I look at the UCLA loss as WAAAAY worse than this, that was at home in DKR, this was away in BFE Iowa.

Even though some of you will be unwilling to give Tuberville the benefit of the doubt and get behind him... just remember when everyone acted this way towards Leach... or maybe thats part of the problem, not enough people actually remember those days and just see Leach as a universally accepted figure at TTU that never had to go through rough patches of everyone calling for his head. Things ended up good there, why is Tuberville so un-deserving of a fair chance??? As Seth said earlier today, he wasn't the one who fired Leach... none of this staff had anything at all to do with that.

4 games is hardly a measuring stick, lets wait till later in the season before we decide if this season is a bust or not.

Part of being a Tech fan is putting up with losses that should be wins, 'picking yourself up by your bootstraps' and getting ready to take it out on the next team.


Wreck 'Em!

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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