Prepare for it

Prepare for the always optimistic Tech fans that will chastise any negative comments. 

Prepare for those fans that throw Leach into the coversation.  "Leach was 2-2 at this point last year."  "Leach lost games he shouldn't have."  "Leach lost his team last year."  "One time Leach lost a game to a vastly inferior team, and then he made them eat ice-cream."  "One time I saw Leach kick a puppy."

Prepare for the sunshine pumping fans.  Most of them live in Lubbock and adapt.  They always adapt.

God bless 'em.  There will be several that show up at the airport tonight to welcome the team home.  "We are proud of you, (clap, clap) say, we are proud of you."  I'm glad they're there.  This team needs support.  I remember they were cheering like crazy when Leach lost all those games.  They did the wave at the airport!  2 bits, 4 bits, 6 bits a dollar!  I think security even let them click the crap out of their clickers. 

But here's the issue, right now. For anyone that has a competitive bone in their body, optimism as our only accomplishment, should be an embarrassment. I love Texas Tech.  I love Texas Tech Football.  I am grateful for the dedication from these players and coaches.  I would welcome any of them into my home, no questions asked, and cook them a chicken. But, we have major, major problems.  I will never be satisfied with "Well, at least we played hard", again.  Screw that.  We are better than that.

I watched this game on FCS and it was humiliating.  My buddies kept asking me to flip back to the Oregon/Stanford or Alabama/Florida or even the effin' USC game.  They were shown in HD but the Tech game was only shown in standard format.  I know, it's a ridiculous point, but valid.  I felt like I was trying to watch the JV game while everyone else wanted to watch the big boys play.  It seemed like only yesterday we were in playing in prime time.  What happened?  Why can't we play in HD anymore?  Why are we suddenly the JV game? Why aren't we relevant?  And, most importantly, why are we getting our asses kicked in Ames, Iowa?

I know the answer. It's the head coach.

Tuberville's time has passed.  He had one magical season in 2004 (when the rest of the SEC was down) and he's become our Katfish Jesus.  But in the last few years he hasn't shown an ability to adjust to today's game.  He struggled in his last 2 years at Auburn and he is struggling now.

I've seen him called "The High Plains Drifter" and Clint Eastwood posters are floating around.  I think the title is apropriate.  He's drifting.

His offense drifts.

His defense drifts.

His special teams drift.

His entire team drifts. No emotion.  Maybe they are tired.  Or cold.

There is no identity, nothing to hang your hat on.  Sure, we are only four games in, but really?  We really gave up 52 points to Iowa State?  We saw a fake punt, and an onside kick returned for a touchdown?  We got gashed, all night in Ames friggin' Iowa?

This team is LOADED.  Offense is loaded.  3 QB's started a game last year.  3 stud running backs.  A full crop of receivers. Solid young defensive lineman (with Whitlock as the anchor).  Senior Linebackers.  Athletic secondary.

At this point, 4-0 wouldn't be a surprise, but 3-1 is mandatory.  Quit drifting. Quit effin drifting.

You can throw Leach's shortcomings at me all you want, but he never had a losing season.  Tell me how bad he lost his team in any year, but he always righted the ship.   He never drifted.

He was never, ever the high plains drifter.

Quit drifting Tuberville.  Right the ship.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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