Wanted: A CEO coach who can recruit a well-balanced staff


Our nine assistants have a total of 18 years of D-I experience.  11 of those years were spent in non-BCS conferences, primarily the Sun Belt (Troy and UNT). Three of the coaches do not have D1 experience. Check out the table below. 


Years of D1 Experience

Teams Coached






Southern Miss

































Is this the way anyone would put together a "championship" football team in a BCS conference?   Tubs said he wanted guys who could recruit. .  The X’s and O’s were secondary.  

“I can hire a lot of people that can put Xs and Os on the board,’’ Tuberville said. “We’re going to have recruiters here. Guys that enjoy recruiting, that No. 1 can evaluate, and that No. 2, can do a great job of representing Texas Tech and selling what we have here.”

“There’s not one guy that I can say, ‘He’s a little bit weak in recruiting.’ That’s not going to happen with us. You have to have nine very good ones.’’

Tuberville said he looked for a good offensive coordinator and a good defensive coordinator, “and everybody else, I looked at recruiting first.’’

Why this is a bad strategy

I never want to diminish the importance of recruiting, but from a layman’s perspective who has experience in identifying talent for management teams, I think Tubs is missing the mark.  The most effective teams that I have witnessed (corporate, military, non-profit) are teams whose individuals complement one another strengths while exhibiting a baseline of core competencies.   

Should all the coaches have a baseline competency recruiting kids?  Absolutely, but some on staff need to be very strong in game planning and adjusting.  Others to be very strong in technique and details.  One needs to be strong in a drill sergeant discipline way and another needs to be the father figure.  This list could go on and on, but you get the point.

As far as experience, you need some chiseled veterans who have seen everything and have developed that sixth sense which anticipates the next play because they just “knew” what the play was.  If you ask them to explain how they knew it, they would just say “it’s a hunch”.  A CEO head coach will use these guys to train the younger guys. 

You also need some young coaches who are able to relate to the players and of course, you need to have a good racial and background mix.  It would be nice to have someone on staff that came from very similar backgrounds that many of our players to come from to demonstrate to these players that they can be successful.   

As I evaluate the staff, the only thing that I see is a bunch of young, enthusiastic coaches who can sell vision and represent the University, but come up short on everything else except two points: The Jeep is definitely a drill sergeant that inspires loyalty and the other point is that it seems like the players relate to this staff really well. Could it be that’s why these kids love the new staff so much? 

The opposing coaches our division must be breathing a sigh of relief that our new staff will not be putting much pressure on their staff because Tech’s coaches haven’t demonstrated the know how or expertise to make them sweat.   Wonder if they have sent Thank You cards to Hance and Co. yet?

Below is a comparison between our OC and DC’s total years of D1 experience with our Big 12 opponents this year.  Remember, this is our OC’s first year coaching in a BCS conference.

Years of D1 coaching experience
































The asterisks represent a coordinator being on the same staff at the same school for at least ten years.  Baylor and A&M have co-coordinators so I combined the number of years experience between them.  A&M has the big NFL guns of Sherman and Rossley running the show.

What does the data tell us? 

1.  It suggests that Tech is in for a long ride, despite the new recruits that are coming to town, because our coaches will be outcoached, sometimes by teams with lesser talent like ISU.  The result will be a few years of 7 and 8 win seasons and we play below our talent level unless our coaches can grow up and overcome the experience gap. 

2.  Look at the experience gap between our OC and the opposing teams DC and vice versa.   Want to know why we lost to ISU, UT, and OSU?  You might start with these gaps.  Then throw in the special teams coach who has not coached special teams in at least ten years.  

2. To dovetail on point one, do you want to know why our offense is in the state it's in?  Look at the experience our staff has: 

Brown - QB and OC: 4 years 

Scott - RB: 3 years 

Moore -OL: 4 years 

Mainord - Outside Receivers: 0 years 

Cumbie - Inside Receivers: 0 years 

That's eleven years total ... and eight of those years were spent with Troy in the Sun Belt Conference for goodness sakes.  Moore is the only one of the bunch that has coached in a BCS conference

Now, here is the question: If you were a CEO of company and you decided to hire new management for your flagship product line, would you follow Tubs lead?  

Or a better question: Would a NASCAR owner give the keys of his operation to a promising kid from the dirt track go-cart series and then with the owner's consent let the kid hire an inexperienced staff who has never worked together? 

Are Mr. Suit's decision making skills really this bad while getting getting paid $1.5 million a year?  

Our CEO coach needs to put as much energy into creating a well-balanced staff as he has trying to create a balanced offense, after all isn’t that what CEO’s do?  

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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