Why I'm tired of hearing from apologists.

Facts are facts. I'm just tired of hearing it. I will attempt to explain my frustrations further below. As many of you know, I am a 4th year senior here at Tech, so I will only discuss these 4 years because they hold my biggest memories.


Year 1- I'll admit that the '07 season opener was my first time to attend a Tech sporting event. I was in awe at the electricity around campus before and during that first game. Students packed the Jones and were loud, really loud. I had never witnessed anything like it before. I was quickly taught the “correct” version of the fight song to sing at football games, I saw a freshman get punched in the jaw for swaying during the school song because “We're not F-ing Aggies” afterall. I quickly fell in love with the pirate them embraced by so many, it just seemed to fit. We went on to win all but one game at home, and the one loss was to Colorado and I woke up and sprinted from Coleman hall to the Jones with a hangover just in time to catch the opening kickoff. I was devastated after that loss, but the team went on to win several more games they weren't supposed to. We destroyed an aTm team after Japorky Lane guaranted a victory, and we finished by upsetting an otherwise national championship destined OU. (And yes I rushed the field) Me and 8 strangers teamed up and attended the Gator Bowl, where we once again came from behind for an unexpected win. Everyone was excited for the '08 and '10 seasons right then.


Year 2-This was our year from the beginning, and everyone knew it. Our team and our fans just had a swagger about them that was unmatchable. We played a couple of close games to start off the season, yet it seemed we just knew everything was going to be ok. Sure enough, it was. The stadium was silenced for the first time in my short time during the Nebraska game as we headed into OT. Then, we pulled it out and got the win and everyone just knew we were still destined for great things. Tech was finally turning the corner. Then Texas came to town, with a swagger to match our own. That will forever be one of the most relived moments of my life. I'm sure my children will grow extremely tired of hearing about how that one time Tech amounted to something, and with all eyes on Lubbock, we showed the world that we were here to compete. Then the unimaginable happened, we forgot to show up to play in Norman, and the Sooners reminded us that our crap did stink and Lubbock smells like a pig farm from time to time. Then lets don't forget the cotton bowl curse, but in all fairness our QB did have a shattered throwing hand at the time. Even with the bowl loss, our fans were still rabid for more. Many of us expected only a decent showing in '09, but were already counting on another shot at the title in '10.


Year 3-I'll keep this one short. I think we all expected a good, but not extraordinary year after losing Harrel, Crabtree, Vasquez, Reed, McBath, and several other of our major playmakers. Well, we got just that, a good 9 win year. Sure, there were some bumps and bruises aquired along the way and a few questionable calls by our pirate, but we all knew it would be ok. In this year I witnessed the second home loss in 3 years, and I hated it. But we finished out the regular season well, and the word began to spread about our 16 returning starters. We were here to stay, and the nation was beginning to accept that. Then disaster struck,our beloved pirate became a victim of mutiny in the worst way. But we won our bowl game, and everyone thought we would move an assistant coach to head coach and keep on rolling. But that didn't happen either. Instead, Tommy Tuberville was brought in to be our savior and turn the program around. He came in talking championships and promising to keep our Air Raid in tact. I feel that most of us bought into this, and we were ready to roll in '10


Year 4-The excitement from the past continued in that first game against SMU, and even though we played it close, most of us had become accustomed to a slow start by this Tech team. Then our offense still wasn't rolling against a terrible NMU defense... we began to worry. Then came time for Texas, and our offense did absolutely nothing. RaiderNation was becoming wary of the great change our Head Coach kept emphasizing. Then we lost to Iowa St, and gave up more points to them than they have scored in their history. Maybe the defense that was supposed to be improved wasn't improved so much after all. Now, only halfway into the season, I have seen Tech lose 3 games, 2 of which were at home. In 6 games we have doubled the home losses over my time at Tech. Raider Nation has been silenced, and that excitement and swagger about upcoming seasons have been lost. We are, once again, little old Tech that means nothing in the national picture. This doesn't sit well with me.


I'll discuss why I don't approve of Tuberville as a head coach after the jump.

The admin hired Tubs preaching about his undefeated season at Auburn and his SEC experience. He followed suits and began talking about championships. We bought it hook, line, and sinker. I really feel that we shouldn't have believed anything our admin told us. Tommy Tuberville is no savior, he is not even a good football coach. Here are some winning percentages of current coaches.





joe pa-74.6%


Gary Pinkel-62.9%


That's right, the head coach of Mizzou has a better win percentage than Tuberville. What has Mizzou done on the national scene lately? Tuberville's miracle season was during a terrible year in the SEC, that's why he didn't go to the National Championship game.


What right does this man have to come into Lubbock and tell us that he is the guy to make us turn the corner? Furthermore, why does he keep talking about his past seasons as if he is some sort of coaching legend?


I sincerely hope Tuberville is released as soon as possible, otherwise I can't help but fear Tech is facing a long era of mediocrity at best. I wish I had some encouraging words to finish with, but I've got nothing. My faith in our team being relevant is gone. I will still cheer for them and support the team whenever possible, although not monetarily. But all hope is gone.


<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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