Leach, Raider Nation Loosing BIG in court of public opinion!

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While the inner circle of people that know and care about the actions of Texas Tech in regards to coach Leach are rightfully outraged by  the wrongful termination, a perusal of the vast amount of "twittering" and the blogosphere shows that a large majority of people across the board are not only in favor of the firing, but are saying things like "if it were my kid, I would have personally gone to practice and put my boot up coaches a**".


And it gets worse. Since the interview where Leach went ballistic on the James clan, parents and educators everywhere have come to the defense of the "student", because apparently it offends a large number of people when you call out a brat in public.


The legal team on CNN today hammered Leach for his mistreatment of a concussed student, gleefully saying "Oh how the mighty have fallen". (Happened in a segment at 11:45 or Saturday)


But maybe the most disturbing is that several of Leach's own players came out with the most inflammatory statements possible. When multiple players accuse a coach of treating an injured player like an animal, the court of public opinion will be permanently tainted, right or wrong.


Leach's credibility has suffered such devastating attacks that I doubt he will be able to get a job anywhere, much less in coaching.


What's worse for everyone here is that the people that come to his defense will be seen a psychopathic sycophants. Let the beatings begin..


But who's voice are we missing the most?


Texas Tech Faculty!


Where is the Faculty Sentate that took the administration to task over the hiring of Bobby Knight?


I suspect every Faculty member that has ever applied for another job has read the email exchange that hammered Leach for not being "loyal" because he had the arrogance to apply for other jobs. It's been a common strategy for faculty to use job offers from other institutions in salary negotiations. Why is there no outrage on the part of Faculty on this issue?


Until we see some action, some kind of outrage on the part of this faculty, we'll know that they are simply fearful of action against them, for having done the same thing that Leach did. We'll know something about their "academic integrity".


I've already sent messages to the dozen or so faculty members I am close with, (all of whom have applied for other jobs at one time) and I have been astonished at the negative responses, including several that think Leach was paid too much anyway and are "glad to see such an arrogant colleague gone"...


These are friends of mine, and I am astonished at the power of public opinion to sway normally bright and thoughtful people.


These are dangerous times. Anyone thinking about casually flying the pirate flag in public needs to know, these people aren't just disgusted by your support of Leach, in some cases they intend to do damage to you.


Be prepared, watch your back, take care of each other. Public opinion has moved against Leach, and these people are coming for you too.




<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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