Last Big 12 Conversations


I, for one, am a Mike Leach proponent. I, for two, am delighted that Tech got a respectable new coaching hire in Tommy Tuberville. But, I am first and foremost, a loyal Texas Tech alum.

Over the past few weeks I have grown exasperated at reading all the articles and blogs of options and forecasts of how our 2010 Red Raider football program will do in the future. Being the optimist that I am, I still feel that our program will be victorious for years to come. I have a vision of Tech in the Big 12 title game against Nebraska next season, and no one can diminish my hope for this.


With that being said, I started to ponder what other Big 12 schools take was on the breaking news of Leach’s dismissal, and Tuberville’s arrival. In doing this I tried to recall the last conversations I had with Big 12 opponents. I have listed them below.



Big 12 North:


KU Alumni- This guy in my company, who works in a different department then I, comes into my office Monday. He is cussing left and right about KU losing to Tennessee. After 20 minutes of his tirade I ask him what he thinks about Tuberville being Tech’s new coach. He responds by asking when did we get a new coach.


K-State Alumni- He calls Sunday bitching about K-State’s loss to Missouri, and how they will whip them in Manhattan. He then asks if Mcneill was named head coach.


Colorado Alumni- Last July I was in Denver and met a guy at the bar who bought me a beer after learning I was a Texas Tech graduate. He talked about how when he was a student he remembers beating us in Boulder when they hadn’t won a game all season. I then left the bar when I got a strange vibe that this new “friend” was trying to get a bit too “friendly”.


Missouri Alumni- I was in Kansas City, MO with meeting a business vendor for a Chiefs vs. Broncos game. We were watching the Big 12 championship game hoping UT would get knocked off by Nebraska that Saturday night and a very nice little bartending girl told us she had recently graduated from Mizzou. She talked about how she though Tech wasn’t a very good team because she thought Missouri had always beaten Tech when she had watched the games.


Nebraska Alumni- The guy in the office next door to me comes over on Tuesday afternoon and talks about where Suh will go in the draft, and maybe Tuberville will be able to recruit the type of defense Nebraska has.


Iowa State Students- While in Chicago in August I ran into two very attractive girls after a Cubs game in Wrigleyville. I bought them both drinks and they proceeded to tell me why they though all Tech guys were “assholes”. I tried to smooth over the image, and got no sense of sports talk out of these two.



Big 12 South:


Baylor Alumni- While in Houston the day of the Leach firing an innocent looking Baylor girl stopped me in a store while I was wearing a Tech hat. She told me that it must be a tough day to be a Tech fan, and that she hoped we wouldn’t take Briles away from Baylor.


OU Alumni- Today a guy, who works in a different department then I, comes into my office and tells me that with Tuberville as coach maybe we could compete year in and year out with OU and UT. He said OU is getting bored having only one consistent team other then them in the Big 12 south.


OSU Alumni- I got texted on Saturday night about how a #22 ranked basketball team looked pathetic in Stillwater and what I thought about Tubberville. They also texted that if Tuberville starts Sheffield we could be alright next year.


Texas A&M Alumni- On new year’s night in Houston I found a strikingly beautiful female. I couldn’t get passed the point she was an aggie, but after our New Years kiss she continually made fun of how Tech got crushed by A&M in football this season.  


UT Student- My sister calls on Monday night to let me know the Longhorns are #1 in basketball. She didn’t even know who Tuberville was.


Texas Tech Alumni- Calls last night to discuss the whole entire situation of hiring Neal Brown for 2 hours.






The bottom line that I am trying to make is that no one but Tech fans are that interested in our whole “fiasco”. To be good and have people notice and recognize our program we have to go out and win games.


We all know that great blowup by Herm Edwards when he said, “You play to win the game.” That is what Tech needs to do, win games! I will always be a supporter of our program and always a fan win or lose. But, if we are to take the leap to the “next level” we need to go out in 2010 and be victorious.  Blogs and opinions are nice to speculate and debate about, but what happens next season out on the field is what the Big 12 world will be talking to me about.

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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