Whose Lying? And Could Myers Become the White Knight?

After yesterday’s allegations filed by Leach’s team, some of the fuzziness with this whole picture began to come into focus.  As easy as it is to tar and feather Gerald for this fiasco, I was never fully convinced that he was driving the process.  

Like Leach, Gerald is a “my way or the highway kind of guy”.  As a coach he was a tough, no-nonsense, SOB who disciplined his players when they weren’t doing what they weren’t supposed to be doing.  I suspect that he would have given the James boys the business, just as Leach did … and he would have given a “good cussin’” to whoever tried to tell him otherwise.  

He hired Knight who was cut out of the same cloth and backed away from suspending Knight for getting in a players face.  I suspect that he would have done the same for Leach if given the opportunity.  

The decision to suspend and fire Leach came from Hance and the BOR.  Here is where it gets interesting.  Leach has one account and Hance has another, so who do I believe?  

One of the refreshing things about Leach is that he always spoke his mind.  You knew exactly where he was coming from all the time.  It appears that he is a man of strong convictions and a strong moral compass.  Even though his body language is difficult to read, I never got the sense that he was lying when he you could see him speak … like on the ESPN interview with Rece Davis.  

On the other hand, Hance is a politician and a politician’s main motive is to stay in power.   According to Gallup only 9% of Americans rate Congressman (one Hance’s former occupations) as having “high” or “very high” rating for honesty and ethical standards.  Lawyers rate slightly better at 13% (He is a lawyer too).   Sorry Seth and other who are a part of the DTNLR!  Lobbyists weren’t rated.  Poll found here.

Needless to say, politicians do not have a very good track record and for good reason … because when push comes to shove, they will always shove their agenda down the people’s throats and then tell us how their power play will benefit us.  

When Hance said that the only one responsible for Mike’s firing is Mike, my stomach turned because I sensed that the political spin machine was in high gear.  Politicians are experts of telling lies with conviction and a smile.  I simply don’t believe him, even with his folksy accent and warm believable smile.

This was a political hatchet job committed by a politician turned lobbyist.  He didn’t even have the good sense to make sure due process was afforded or that he abided by the 10 day provision in Leach’s contract.  

He has always been unqualified to lead Texas Tech.  I suspect he was attractive candidate to the BOR because he knew his way around Austin and D.C., not because he was an accomplished in academia (no track record as London Raider points out), or an outstanding manager or leader of large, complex organizations which produces something other than regulations (no track record either).

He is nothing more than just a smooth talking politician turned lobbyist with a law degree … and seriously how many of those are out there?  /sarc/ ... and would you hire any of them to lead a major research university?

If we are serious about rooting out Hance and some of the BOR, I think that Myers is the key.  I assume that he was present for many, if not all, of the conversations that Leach hand with Hance, Bailey, and General Counsel.  If Leach’s allegations are true and Myers would testify that they are true during the discovery or trial, Hance and his cronies are gone.  

At this point in Gerald’s career, he has nothing else to prove, thus nothing to lose.  He has been a faithful servant of Texas Tech and his legacy and pension are secure.  I can only imagine how this drama has affected his pride.  Does he really want this ugly episode to be a part of his legacy?

 He could be the white knight and be remembered as a stand up guy who restored justice and galvanized the supporters of the University.  It would take a lot of courage to stand up against a crafty politician and his supporters on the board, but the ol’ coach surely remembers meddling parents, whiny players, and political hacks trying to influence his program.  He wouldn’t stand for it then, so let’s encourage him not to stand for it now.    It’s your call Gerald.

 If Leach is lying, then he is forever done and this post was written for not. 

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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