Double-T Nation Daily Diatribe :: 11.02.09

  Bye Week:  I think I needed a break.  No game this weekend and as a result, there are no previews to write and I'm sure the pace will be a bit slower on DTN.  I've worked on some previews to 2010, both offensive and defensive, with looks at recruiting and past recruiting classes as well as a projected 2-deep for 2010.  I'll also have some basketball preview articles to get everyone amped up about that.

  Leach Joins the Car Wash:  If you don't have a job or have access to the television today, you'll be able to catch Mike Leach on ESPN's car wash, which is essentially Leach appearing on a bunch of ESPN related shows.  Here's his tentative schedule:

10:40 am - ESPNU College Football Podcast -- Host: Ivan Maisel :: 11:00 am - College GameDay Tailgate Radio -- Host: Jon Stashower ::  11:15 am - ESPN First Take -- Host: TBA ::  12:20 pm The Herd -- Host: Colin Cowherd :: 12:40 pm - ESPNU - Taping -- Host: TBA :: 1 pm -2:45pm - College Football Live -- Host: TBA --tape Dr. Lou questions-- :: 1:50 pm - 3:15pm Chat :: 2:20 pm - 6pm SportsCenter Taping -- Host: TBA :: 2:40 pm - Scott Van Pelt Show -- Host: Scott Van Pelt :: 2:50 pm - Football Tonight Radio -- Host: TBA :: 3:10 pm - ESPNews -- Host: TBA :: 3:25pm - Football Recruiting section -- Host: TBA

Do you think Leach is more excited about doing an internet chat or talking to Colin Cowherd?

Feel free to post FanPosts or FanShots as new content becomes available.

  Bye Week High Note:  LAJ's Don Williams writes that the Red Raiders are happy to start the bye week on a win rather than a loss.  I wrote yesterday about how RB Baron Batch gave Taylor Potts the credit for checking into the right running plays in the second half and C Shawn Byrnes confirms this again today:

"The quarterbacks just made great run checks,’’ center Shawn Byrnes said. "When he came up to the line and checked into those plays, I thought that was the best plays we could have run. I just called the fronts and got us into a scheme that I thought was best, and it worked out great.’’

And S Julius Howard, who was a captain last week, couldn't decide which was better, the special teams or the defense:

"I’m proud of all three sides of the ball,’’ he said. "Special teams stepped up another week and played. Defense, we brought it this week. And offense, they struggled the first half, but the second half as defensive people, we just told them to ‘keep going, keep going; we’ve got y’all.’ They started rolling, and we were good after that.’’

  KU vs. TTU Links:  There are still some links to Saturday's win, including LAJ's Don Williams report card . . . TR's dedfischer Post-Mortem and RRR's look at the game . . . OBK Hiphopopotamus' Post-Mortem . . .

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