Kayakyakr, I made a list of 2009 Texas Tech Football commits.

I wanted to see who competes with Tech for recruits. 


Tech recruiting commits and the schools that also offered athletic scholarships:


Emory Blake/W. Receiver--Boston College(1), Colorado, Kansas(1), Missouri(1), Nebraska(1), Oregon(1), Tulsa(2), Vanderbilt(2)

Terrance Bullitt/Safety-- Arizona, Kansas, Louisville(1), Notre Dame, Oklahoma St., Wisconsin

Romario Cathey/Def. Tackle--Louisville(1), Memphis(1), Middle Tenn.(1)

E.J. Celestie/W. Receiver-- Louisiana (2), Louisiana Tech(1), McNeese St.(1), Southern Miss(1), Tulane(1), Tulsa(1)

Dion Chidozie/Out. Linebacker--Air Force(1), Army, Louisiana Tech, Iowa St.(1), Northwestern(1), Stanford(2)

Kyle Clark/Off. Tackle--Arizona, Georgia(2), Louisville(1), LSU(2), Nebraska, Tennessee(2),Tulsa(1)

Daniel Cobb/Safety--Arkansas(2), Georgia Tech, Houston(1), Nebraska(1)

Aaron Fisher/W. Receiver--Arizona, Boise St.(2), Iowa(1), Kansas, Louisiana Tech(2), Missouri(1), Northwestern(1), Purdue(1), Vanderbilt

Will Ford/Safety--Baylor, Oklahoma, SMU(2), TCU

Joel Gray/Off. Tackle-- Arizona(1), Kansas(1), Kansas St.(1), Louisville,

Nebraska, Ole Miss, Oregon(1), SMU(1), Stanford, UCLA, Vanderbilt, Virginia(1), Wake Forest(1)

Kerry Hyder/Def. End--Cincinnati(1), Iowa St.(1), Minnesota, New Mexico(1), Toledo(1), Utah(1)

D.J. Johnson/Athlete--Marshall(1)

Jacob Karam/QB--Arizona, Houston, Iowa St.(2), Louisville(1), Missouri, Oklahoma, South Florida(1), Stanford, Vanderbilt(1)

Trevor Reilly/Def. End--(3)

James Scott/In. Linebacker--(3)

Eric Stephens/Running Back--Boise St., Buffalo, Duke, Houston, Minnesota, Vanderbilt(1)

LaAdrian Waddle/Off. Guard--Houston, Ole Miss, Rice(1), SMU(1), TCU(1), Tulane(1)

Yahshua Williams/Safety--Arizona, Kansas, Nebraska, Southern Miss, Utah, Wake Forest(1)



All info taken from Rivals and Scout websites.

(1)-Listed on Rivals Profile only

(2)-Listed on Scout Profile only

(3)-Offered by Texas Tech only, according to Rivals and Scout

Number of offers:


5-Kansas, Louisville, Nebraska, Vanderbilt


3-Iowa St., Louisiana Tech, Missouri, SMU, Stanford, Tulsa

2-Boise St., Minnesota, Northwestern, Ole Miss, Oklahoma, Oregon, Southern Miss, TCU, Tulane, Utah, Wake Forest

0-Texas, Texas A&M

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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