How to open a Facebook account

Seth mentioned he had created a profile for DTN on Facebook and a group has also been setup.  I saw a few comments with people asking how to go about setting up a Facebook account and I thought I would provide a quick how to. 

First off, a lot of people have the idea that by opening a Facebook/Myspace account ALL of their information is going to be available for everyone in the world to see.  This just isn't the case.  The only information people are going to be able to see about you is what you choose to put up on your page, this means you can do as little or as much as you want. 

Having said that.  Opening a Facebook account is relatively straightforward.  You will need a valid email account and password of your choosing.  I think when you create an account it may ask you a few questions about whether you are a male or female and your date of birth.  It asks you for your birthday for two reasons.  The "fun" reason is that when you log onto your account, Facebook will tell you which of your friends (I'll explain what friends means in this context a little later) is having an upcoming birthday.  The more serious reason that Facebook asks for your age is so that if you create an account and are 30 years old Facebook makes it very difficult to search for minors (like high school kids).  I believe this is a good built in feature to help try and prevent stuff that made the show "To Catch a Predator" famous. 

When creating your account it will ask if you want to join a network.  On Facebook a network can be a variety of things, all colleges and universities like Texas Tech have a network (I believe you have to be a current student of that particular school to join their network, but I may be wrong).  The DFW area has a network as does probably any city of size in the US (even Lubbock has a network).  Some companies even have their own network.  The reason for a network is that you can search for people who are in your same network more easily than someone who is in a different network.  Say you're looking for John Smith who is in the DFW network with you.  Well if you do a seach on John Smith you don't want every John Smith in the world to pop up.  Facebook will first show all the John Smiths in your network to make finding someone easier.  You also have the option to not join a network.  If you decide to do this you can always join one at a later time.  So no big deal either way. 

Anyway once you have gone through that you will have the option to fill in your profile.  You will have different tabs labeled Basic, Contact, Relationship, Personal, Education, Work, and Picture.  All of these will have information boxes that you will have the option of filling in.  Under the picture tab you also have the option of uploading a picture.  Whatever you upload will be on your Facebook page and will also be provided when someone searches for you.  You can put up a picture of yourself, family, pets, a picture of a Double T or pretty much anything.  I would say 99% of profile pages have some kind of picture up so it would be something to think about. 

Once your account is created you can do a seach for Double T Nation.  Seth created a profile for DTN and I created a group for DTN.  If you click on Seth's profile it will ask if you want to send a friend request to him.  This means you are requesting to be friends with him on Facebook and once he accepts or declines (but I don't think he would decline cuz that's just mean) the two of you would be able to see each others profiles.  It will show up on your page that you're friends with him and that's how you start getting friends on Facebook.

Like I was saying when you do a seach for Double T Nation a group should come up too.  The group is a global group which means anyone around the world is able to join it (say as opposed to creating a Texas Tech student only group).  If you would like to join the group when you are looking at the Double T Nation group page there should be an option below the picture to join this group or something like that.  Then you will be a part of the group and everything will be great.

I'm the other Admin of the group (my name will be under the Admin section) so once you find the group if you wanna send me a friend request that would be great and I could also help if you have any specific questions.

So sorry if that seemed long winded.  I wanted to try and be thorough because like Seth had said we could use the Facebook group to possibly get together for a beer or something on home games or because it's a Tuesday who knows.  Good Luck!

<em>This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Viva The Matadors' writers or editors.</em>

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