Texas Tech Friday Morning Notes - I'm Pretty Surprised Edition

Texas Tech Football:


Oh yeah, football.

Yesterday Michael Crabtree said that he's staying at Texas Tech for his junior season, while Michael Crabtree's father said otherwise. I'll say this, if Michael Crabtree does end up leaving for the NFL, I'm not going to hold it against him. January 15, 2009 is the last day to file the paperwork and I think that Crabtree would be crazy not to go the NFL. Personally, I'd love for him to stay and I'd welcome him with open arms, while current NCAA receiving records would probably throw him the cold shoulder.

LAJ's Adam Zuvanich writes that quarterback Graham Harrell, receiver Michael Crabtree and right guard Brandon Carter were all named to first team of The American Football Coaches Association. Here's the link. Congrats to all, bravo.

Zuvanich also writes that there were a number Texas Tech players named to the AP's All-Big 12 Football Team, including 3 defensive players named to the first team: DE Brandon Williams, S Darcel McBath, and S Daniel Charbonnet.

Here's DT Rajon Henley on the defense in general:

"A lot of people didn’t look toward the defensive side. They looked more toward the offense," Tech defensive tackle Ra’Jon Henley said. "But if it wasn’t for the defense, some of those games we probably would have been down."

And Daniel Charbonnet:

"I’m pretty surprised," said Charbonnet, a 5-foot-11, 203-pound senior with 54 tackles and five interceptions this season. "It’s exciting just to have a pat on the back. It’s my senior year, so it’s kind of something to remember."

The DMN released their All-Big 12 Football Team and here's a rundown of Texas Tech mentions:

  • Coach of the year: Mike Leach
  • First-Team: Michael Crabtree, WR; Rylan Reed, OL; Brandon Williams, DL; Darcel McBath, DB; and Daniel Charbonnet, DB.
  • Second Team: Brandon Carter, OL.

Per LAJ's Don Williams, Denton Guyer offensive lineman and Texas Tech commit, Kyle Clark, says that he would definitely reconsider his commitment if Captain Leach leaves:

"I started talking to people, and if he leaves I’ll definitely have to reconsider Tech unless I know my position coach would still be there,’’ Clark told the Denton paper. "I heard if (Leach leaves) all scholarships are off. They could change the schemes and everything else.’’

I can't say that I'd blame him, but every just take it easy.

This is to follow-up on reserve defensive back De'Shon Sanders arrest early Thursday and DMN's Brandon George has quite a few more details that I think need to be discussed. It's been reported that Sanders roommates, Michael Crabtree and Brandon Sesay, were not implicated in any way shape or form, and Brandon George talked with David Ausiello, DEA public affairs spokesman:

Ausiello said the crime was committed in Lea County, in which Hobbs, N.M., is located, on or between June 6 and June 7 of this year.

That's a long ways away from Lubbock, Texas, and I can't imagine that Crabtree and/or Sesay were in Hobbs at the time of the incident.

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