Thanks to the Seniors!!


From Dwain Price's FWST article:

This year’s group of 19 Tech seniors will leave school with some fond memories.

They have already played in a pair of New Year’s Day bowl games, and may be rewarded with another one when this year’s bowl matchups are announced Dec. 7. They also won 37 games over the past four years, becoming the winningest class in Tech history, and tied the school record for the most wins in a season at 11-1 with one game remaining.

"I know when we came in here we wanted to be one of the best classes to ever come through here and do things that hadn’t been done, and I think we accomplished a lot of things that we wanted to accomplish this year," senior free safety Darcel McBath said. "I’m just proud of the fellas for sticking with it."

This year’s Tech seniors set an NCAA record as sophomores when they rallied from a 31-point deficit to defeat Minnesota 44-41 in overtime in the 2006 Insight Bowl, posting the largest comeback in NCAA bowl history.

Last season, the Raiders rallied to score 17 points in the final four minutes to edge 20th-ranked Virginia in the Gator Bowl 31-28 on New Year’s Day.

As freshmen, the group lost to Alabama 13-10 in the Cotton Bowl.

"This senior class showed great leadership and great character," defensive coordinator Ruffin McNeill said. "It was a group that ever since they’ve been here have done everything that we’ve asked them as coaches, and they’ve done everything in the off-season to make sure they became better as a team and individually.

"They were a group that when faced with any kind of adversity — whether on the field or off the field — were able to handle it with class and character."

McNeill said all 19 seniors will have their degrees by May. That’s why Mike Leach wanted the BCS to use graduation rates to determine who would represent the South against Missouri in the Big 12 championship game.

"All of them will go on to be successful in life, whether as friends in the NFL or in the business world," McNeill said. "They set the blueprint for the rest of the classes."


What more can you ask - they averaged 9+ wins a season and everyone will graduate.  I'd say we have they most successful football program in the nation.

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